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Ok, blatant sweeping statement but the jet lag over the last couple of days has meant I’ve had insight into the world of the folks who wake up and get going before 8am. Well actually. Lets go for 5am!

Over here in Perth its just starting to get nice and light at 5am and renting a house which looks out onto the main strip of Sorrento beach, its amazing the numbers of people having a quick run or ‘power walk’ prior to a starting work.

Were talking between 5 and 6am here! Yesterday was the most impressive. We were woken, just before 6 to the words.

“Right guys, are you ready….3….2…..1…..go!”

Wiping the sleep out of my eyes I looked out of the window to see a group of approx 20 people, skipping, running on the spot and throwing medicine balls at each other whilst the personal trainer walked back and forth barking out the next motivational order.

Madness? I’m not sure. I actually joined the masses and went out for a run for the first time in about 12 months yesterday morning.

Since completing ‘my goal’ of training for and completing the great north run a few years ago, its been a while since I undertook regular exercise.

Having said that. I really enjoyed it. It was about 8am when I finally got outside and having a run with the warm sun on your face and the cool blue colours of the Indian Ocean to your side makes a bloke realise there are worst ways to start a day.

Perhaps not every morning, but if the fitness is there, it certainly beats a quick run along polluted roads back home.

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