The Bub has landed

The Bub has landed - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under cesarean-section

Well, its been 5 days now since Junior number 2 and the missus came home.

Although the missus had a cesarean section, she was thankfully able to come home after only two days.

Although Joondalup Hospital was great and the staff were friendly and efficient it still didn’t beat the comfort of your own home so it was really good to welcome the latest addition to our family back home.

The check-out procedure from the hospital was straight forward enough. The midwife completed the last bits of paperwork and we were free to go. When Junior was born in the UK we were escorted out of the hospital by one of the nurses so we didn’t become suspected child snatchers.

Here we just walked out (although we were clocked by the nurses on the way out who already knew us all) so I don’t know if thats a good thing or not.

No sign of a bill of any description….yet? I’m expecting that we will get sent something through the post. We know that Medicare; the Aussie public health system will cover a large portion of the costs but somehow I don’t think this will go all the way to covering the costs of a major operation, 3 nights in hospital and 5 days of home visits from the midwife.

Still, we may be pleasantly surprised so stay tuned on that part.

Now Junior 2 is home we’ve quickly got into the swing of the wonders of parenthood again.

First night was OK, second night was terrible and we are now into a Feeding, Sleeping, Pooing, Feeding, Sleeping routine.

Currently the sleeps are lasting between 2 – 3 hours so you can get a good idea what our nights are like.

I guess I should think myself lucky though. The missus is breastfeeding Junior number 2 so I get the easy job of turning over in bed and going back to sleep whilst the missus takes the bub into the nursery for a feed.

This is good but as a new dad it also makes you feel pretty useless as when she’s screaming the house or shopping centre down there is only so much you can do to turn the volume down.

Anyway, we are ecstatically happy to welcome our new addition back home. I’ll be picking up the in-laws who are flying over from Sydney today.

I’ve been on paternity leave this week (although the blackberry hasn’t stopped buzzing and I’ve still been into work three times) so having the in-laws here for a couple of weeks will really help us both out.

I’m back at work on Friday and as the missus can’t drive for 6 weeks following the C-Section then the logistics of just getting around will really be improved.

Also, as far as in-laws go, they’re not THAT bad <- Famous last words :)

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