The Cats come home

The Cats Come Home - Blog - July 2022

Well, it’s been a very long time without them (nearly three months) but today we’ll be picking up the cats from Byford.

Since we originally visited the cats we’ve made a conscious effort not to make any additional contact as it didn’t seem fair to get their hopes up (if cats are capable of such a thing).

Still, in the meantime they have still be in our thoughts and we’ve been busy getting together lots of new stuff for them; ‘Ant Free Double Dinner’ bowls, toy mice, balls, streamers, tunnels and scratch pads (in the hope that these will use these to keep their claws in trim instead of attacking the new sofa). Oh, and about half a hundred weight of kitty litter (my job!)

The cats will be coming back with us this afternoon to the house we are currently renting in North Perth. They will remain here until this Saturday when we all move again to the new house we will be renting for at least the next six months in Kinross.

They’ll have to get used to being house cats without the freedom of the outdoors for at least a couple of months but comparatively speaking, the amount of space they’ll have in either house will seem positively palatial by comparison to the holding pens they have both called home during the last couple of months.

It’ll be quite interesting as we’ll be bringing the ‘boys’ home in the same pens that they travelled out to Australia in. I’m keen to get an idea of the type of boxes Airpets used to send the cats here and will of course report back with any interesting findings.

I’m sure the cats will be looking forward to the comforts of Air conditioning to. Both of the cats where in fur shedding overdrive pretty soon after their arrival in Australia and its forecast to be a muggy 36 degrees today! Pool little blighters, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were half bald by now!

That’s all for now :)

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  1. hi we r looking to emigrate next year can you tell me what the cost of taking puss to oz was cheers ron

  2. eeeerr let me think about that for a second……

    nope :)

    Feel free to shout if you have any questions though.



  3. Hey Jay, oh yes, plenty :)

    I’ll look to add them over the next few days. Damn, they are so happy to be back :D