The Cats go to Airpets

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Well, the cats went to Airpets today.

I must say what a fantastic and professional set up they have there!

It took us about three hours to drive down to Staines and both boys took the journey well.

If anything, it was kind of comforting to see that that both cats slept for a decent portion of the journey.

I know it’s only three hours but thats about 25% of the time they’ll spend on the plane during the first leg from Heathrow to Singapore.

Anyway, chuffed to bits with the setup at Airpets. Both cats were put into a nice large kennal inside a heated room with other moggies bound for varous parts of the world.

They have a month at Airpets before flying out to join us in Oz on the 21st December.

I have a feeling they will lose their winter coat pretty damn quick once they get there :)

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