The folks arrive down under and time for a christening

Getting Down Under Australia

Look everyone my gas barbecue even works!  It’s been a little while since my Bunnings Warehouse post but I’ve been pretty busy of late :-/

My folks have been over from the UK for the last couple of weeks and it’s been really good to catch up with them after not seeing them now for well over a year.

I have really missed my folks but as our regular readers will probably know it’s been a damn busy year. Time literally has flown by in the last twelve months or so. Still it’s really nice for them to visit us here in our new home.

Living in Australia you’ll always have people that want to visit. It’s actually pretty amazing how many ‘friends’ creep out of the woodwork when you migrate down under.

A few times we’ve had emails from people we thought we’d lost touch of over the years prior to moving here; “Hi guys, how are you doing? I know it’s been ages but I’m thinking of coming to Australia for about 6 weeks, any chance I can stay with you for a bit?”

Yep, it happens and it happens pretty regularly but when it comes to family then I know it’s very different and I know they would be happy to reciprocate should we choose to pay a visit to the UK in the future.

Having said all that, the folks are here in Australia for six weeks and as much as I love them six weeks in a house with 2 kids is a pretty long time.

Thankfully I managed to utilise my amazing persuasive skills to convince them that it would be a really good idea to book a holiday rental for four out of the six weeks.

It’s worked out pretty well to. They have rented a house in Quinns Rocks about 10 minutes walk away. They are still going to stay with us for the first and last week of their stay, however the four weeks in between will be spent staying in this property.

This has been pretty cool I have to say. The first week they stayed in the rental property they invited us over for Sunday lunch and I have to say, my mums Sunday roasts still take some beating :)

When we had the dates that my Parents were going to arrive in Australia we thought it would make sense to try and coincide our daughters christening with the Stay and last Sunday was the big day.

To make the day even more special for us all the in-laws flew over from Sydney (they are here in Western Australia for two weeks.

Ironically despite our best laid plans on the holiday rental front the in-laws are now staying with us so we still have a house full! Thankfully though, now they are here in Western Australia they plan to do a little sight seeing and test out the delights of the Margaret River wine region which is approx two and a half hours drive south from Perth)

Sunday was a typical, beautifully warm, sunny summer’s day. The service at the local church went well and then it we all clambered back to our house for one of the biggest barbecues I have ever cooked.

I’ve already written about our new Barbie (or as the missus would call it; my third child) and it really got a good workout this Sunday.

We chucked on steaks, lamb chops, pork chops, sausages, chilli squid, salmon, and tiger prawns, the list goes on and at time of typing (two days later) it looks like I’m managed to avoid giving anyone food poisoning!

Early afternoon was spent lazing around the house and then we took the five minute walk down to our local beach  for a swim in the Indian Ocean. This is the first time that I’ve had a swim in the Ocean near our house but I have to say it was beautifully clear and warm. Both sets of folks loved it to and it was great to have the family there!

A quick flash back to about four years ago and I remember when we got Junior Christened back in the UK. The church service was similar but everything that followed on from thereafter was not.

It was still the summer time but we had most of the family crammed inside our house because it was to cold and wet to spend any serious time outside.

There was also no where we could really go afterwards either as most of the parks were either shabby little affairs or contained the types of unsavoury folks you wouldn’t necessary want to introduce your extended family to.

I’m really glad that my folks are seeing and experiencing Australia first hand now. I’ve always had this thought in the back of my mind that they thought we were crazy to ‘up sticks’ and move thousands of miles to the other side of the world when we told them we were coming here a few years ago.

I think there will be no question in their mind why we decided to go now.

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