The house is on the Market!

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Yay, it’s seems to have taken forever but the house is finally on the market and the forsale sign us up.

We went for Halifax Estate agents in the end, not the cheapest but they seem to be doing pretty well in our local area.

They wanted us to commit to a 12 week minimum term. We cut this down to 8 weeks on the basis that I didn’t want to be stuck into a contract where, if they were rubbish, we had to wait 12 weeks before we could use a different agent.

The recruiter that I met when when did our Rekkie to Perth asking how we were doing with the move as he has ‘lots of things going on’. This is a really positive message for me as it shows 1) I’ve met a half decent recruiter who hasn;t forgotten me at the drop of a hat and 2) The job market must be keeping him busy enough to think about candidates who aren’t even in the country yet.

Lets hope that we don’t face an uphill struggle when it comes to selling the house. We just want to get there now.

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