The Secret to English Fluency – The IELTS Fluency Formula

The Secret To English Fluency - The Ielts Fluency Formula - Ielts Speaking Videos - July 2022

The Fluency Formula – the simple secret to fluency in English. I want to share with you 3 easy steps to speaking fluently – just like this.

I won’t lie, it needs time and practice… …but it is incredibly simple!

The IELTS Fluency Formula
1. Repeat
2. Substitute
3. Make it true

So we use this with a phrase or a CHUNK of language that you cannot yet use fluently.

So, for example, let’s take the chunk

‘I’d rather go to Paris’

1. Repeat

So, first you listen to a good model, and repeat the phrase.

This is simple muscle practice!

Find a chunk whilst listening to something. If you found a chunk whilst reading, you will need to find a good audio model. If you have a teacher, get them to record several chunks you are working on.
This is what I do for my students.

2. Substitute

Now, you repeat several times, but changing the ending.

This builds flexibility.


I’d rather go to Paris
I’d rather go to London
I’d rather go to the cinema
I’d rather go home

3. Make it true

Now, you repeat all the above phrases, but make it true for you (i.e. tell the truth).

This makes you think and so connect thinking with muscle flexibility.

Basically, this is fluency.

So, for me, I might say…

I’d rather go to Paris
I’d rather not go to London
I’d rather go to the cinema
I’d rather go out

That’s it.

Now do it with lots of chunks.

Practice 5 minutes a day.

Maybe after you brush your teeth in the morning. 💡

Of course, this on its own, will not make you fluent… …but it is a great study technique that will bring amazing results. Go and try it out.

Do you have your own IELTS Speaking Tips?

If you found The Secret to English Fluency – The IELTS Fluency Formula video useful and have your own tips to share, please use the comments below. Similarly, if you have any questions. Please share these below. As a community, we can help each other to learn together.

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  1. Hi Keith, Please tell me why there is a chunk of words "of a smaller". I do not know why to use an adjective "smaller" after "a". I find lots of dictionaries from Cam to Oxford and do not find the other nuances (i mean "noun"). And here is the whole sentence: This boost production of a smaller. Thank you so much

  2. The intro is really amazing and inspired me to pursue this course.keep it up sir keith…and Godbless

  3. Hey Keith, i enjoy your videos, its only that they are more isolated to speaking. Just imagine I got 8 in speaking and failed other parts.

  4. It was great lesson Keith. I would like to request you to make lesson on Connected Speech. So that we can understand natives Speaker and become more friendly with English.

  5. You're a great teacher. I really used to understand your courses but I want to go to England and improve my English skills. Thanks for brilliant presentation.

  6. Hi Keith, you're undoubtedly an amazing IELTS speaking expert! Why aren't the examiners so elsewhere? Why do some just give a low band on the first attempt and keep on improving in successive attempts even if the English remains there?
    If you can manage, please reply on
    I want to share more.

  7. I am one of the "regulars" of your channel, really appreciate your dedication in teaching, anddd one more thing: really enjoy your videos, very very helpful. Thanks Keith!