Theres deals to be had on flights when emigrating to Australia

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Some interesting snippets of information that I found out in preperation for our rekkie to Perth is the discounts and additional allowances airlines will offer travellers when they make their final, one way, emigration flight down under.

Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Qantas all offer new migrants discounts on one-way airfares for flights departing from the UK to Australia. Singapore Airlines also offers the discount on flights departing fron Amsterdam.

Qantas and Singapore Airlines provide an extra 20kg baggage allowance per person when emigrating. This should prove useful when waiting for the rest of your possessions to arrive. Something tells me we’ll need two trollies at the airport though!

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11 years ago

would this baggage allowance be available if one is flying from IRELAND, would we still get double baggage etc 40kg?

regards paul

John Wheeler
14 years ago

I’d be interested to know whether anyone migrating to Australia from the UK managed to find a discount or extra baggage alllowance with Qantas. When I asked them this today (22 March 06) I was told that there are no special allowances for migrants.


John Wheeler.

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