Things are never as good as they look are they?

made the move to australia

Oh joy of joys

Things are never as simple as you’d like them to be are they?

Following the utopia of this weekend nothing has really progressed.

It seems our buyer is now having issues getting a mortgage so although solicitors details have been exchanged the Halifax still haven’t had the ‘mortgage promise’ they need before they can mark the property as sold and give us our sought after sold sign.

The buyer has now apparently increased her deposit and is now going to apply for a ‘buy to let’ mortgage which takes into account the potential rental income when calculating the mortgage.

No surprise to you guys that we are still marketing the property and we have two viewings tomorrow. After the joy and jubilation this weekend it’s a serious low for us all right now and it begs the question again, why the hell do people even make an offer on a house before they have done their bloody homework! :(

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