Things progressing quite well

Getting Down Under Australia

Well since accepting the latest offer last week I’m really pleased to say that our new buyers are a breath of fresh air and things appear tp be progressing quite well.

Their mortgage has been approved, the survey fee’s have been paid and the surveyor comes to survey our house this Wednesday. We might even get our sold sign back this week.

The first full week spent unemployed has been pretty strange but I’m slowly but surely getting into the swing of sorting things out.

I’m assuming it’s just a bloke thing but its amazing how much crap you can accumulate over the years.

At this rate I wished I started the sort our process before we even sent the application forms off for the Visa’s. Still, I’m putting a pretty brave face on things if I do say so myself and the charity shops should be well sorted out with clothes, suits, shoes and other items for the next few months. I even packed my first case!

A skip arrives tomorrow so it’ll be time to chuck on the safty gear as I enter the dreaded and dangerous realm known as……….the loft!

Hopefully I’ll survive to write another entry!

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