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Charlie enjoying the sunshine .. Ok not to much!

Hi all, well life down under has been busy and as there’s not so much news going on right now in the wonderful world of Australian Immigration I thought I’d write a quick personal update just so you all know that I’m still alive ;-)

Life down under has been pretty full on recently. On the job front, after 6 years working in financial services I decided to jump ship after being approached by one of the large mining companies here in Perth.

Similar lines of work (contracts, sourcing and procurement) but buying much bigger and more expensive stuff.

On the basis that I’ve not worked in the mining industry before I have to be honest and say that I’m currently working a tiny little bit outside of my comfort zone. That said, it’s only been three weeks in the new job and when it comes down to sourcing things ‘strategically’ then you apply the same principals to just about anything.

I recon I’ll be just fine once I get my head around all the new forms that now need to be completed for each transaction.

Apart from the usual increments in salary and benefits that come with most proactive job changes, the new job also sees me working 9 day fortnights.This is the biggest bonus for me as it means I can work the same hours I’ve always worked whilst getting a little time back to spend with the family. As we move into summer it’ll be an even bigger bonus!

On the subject of summer, it’s late October which puts us into the middle of spring. I think I’ve mentioned before somewhere that the winter this year seems to have been a really long one. It’s been a great one for the garden but a chilly one for a family of British Expats who are just starting to get used to the warm Aussie sunshine.

Last weekend saw the first really warm day in a long time. Much to the discomfort of Charlie (our black cat for the benefit our our less regular readers) it hit 36C on Saturday and most days are now hitting the mid to high 20’s as we venture closer to the yummy Aussie summers.

Junior number one hit 7 years old this month and Aussie born Junior number 2 hit 2 years old

Time flies when your really having fun huh?

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    Thanks for the update.

    The immigration area has been quiet until last week when the government said something about boom in migration again! Lets see, there are just so many people enquiring with the same questions to migrate, like ‘cost of living, finding a job, etc ‘ …

    Congratulaitions on your new job, I too just changed jobs also 9 day fortnight. I never knew this type thing existed, in Australia most things are so much easier, note the word ‘most’!

    Thank you for a wonderful website!
    Keep up the good work!


    HEY nice bit of info, you certainly seem to be getting around, love the idea of 9 day fort nights, would love that, My wife and I are heading over to Brisbane end of Jan 2010 with 5 year trade visa 176, so we are all but ready now. Im quite interested in the mining work for a couple years and then get normal 6-2 job and get to enjoy the climate a little. thanks for your updates and keep well
    regards paul.


    Very interesting topic for discussion you have started.
    can you please post on the topics like cost of living and money taht need to carry with for surviaval till we get some work.
    and how is the tax structure organised in austrilia?