Time to move very soon

Time to move very soon - Optimized blue ocean1 - Getting Down Under Kinross-rentals, renting-in-perth

Since securing the property through my work in a blind pre Christmas panic, we have been looking for a longer term rental in an area nearer our little lad’s school in Duncraig.

Finally, it seems we have managed to secure a nice place in a suburb called Kinross.

The house is completely unfurnished so we need to go on a big shopping spree before we get the keys (hopefully) next Saturday.

As for the house…well it’s a Four bedroom detached, nice big enclosed back garden for junior to play in, great kitchen with dishwasher and a few other bits. Just need to get the keys now. Oh, and we need to buy the furniture, electrical stuff, beds etc to put in it.

A review of Kinross to follow once we get settled in.. :D

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