Top 10 IELTS Listening tips and tricks | IELTS Listening Band 9 in 7 days

Top 10 Ielts Listening Tips And Tricks | Ielts Listening Band 9 In 7 Days - Ielts Listening Videos - July 2022

How did I get Band 9 in Listening when my overall IELTS score was only 7.5? Today I want to share 10 tips on IELTS Listening. Let’s get started.

Today I want to share tips I’ve accumulated by taking the IELTS test myself and helping to prepare my students who come to study in UK universities. 7 years ago, before I came to London, I scored 9.0 in IELTS Listening even though my overall score was 7.5. That’s a great section where you get ahead.

Top 10 IELTS Listening tips and tricks | IELTS Listening Band 9 in 7 days

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  1. the section that I feel toughest is mcq this always confuse me and thanks for ur video ifs really helpfull make a video on mcq pls

  2. Ma'am, just in case I added or omitted a word, will that be fine? Example not more than 2 words. I wrote Thai restaurant and the answer in the practice test is restaurant only (or vice versa,) will that be fine in real IELTS? Thank you.

  3. hi my major issue in listening is i skip word from the audio can u plz help me to solve this

  4. Thanks for the information. Please can I mixed both American and British English or should i maintain either throughout answer?

  5. I am having difficulty for multiple choice selection, always get confuse which one to choose. Please suggest so I could improve my score.

  6. In listening I feel section C and section D are somewhat complex can you help me out please

  7. It’s difficult when the conversation is very fast paced. And answer expected is open words. What’s the technique to help?

  8. Hello madam, I am not getting more than 27 answer. I have problem in MCQ ,please guide me for the same. Awaiting for your prompt response.

  9. Hi, multiple choice questions are so challenging for me. help to recognize the best answer….

  10. Sometimes Maps are slightly challenging but as you mentioned to keep an eye on two questions. This is the answer to most of the problems I face.