Top Jobs That Can Get You Australian Permanent Residency (PR)

Top Jobs That Can Get You Australian Permanent Residency

With 190,000 places reserved each year for permanent migrants, Australia has one of the most significant immigration programs in the world. A large part of the program- nearly 70 per cent – is reserved for skilled migrants with over 128,000 permanent visas issued to skilled migrants with the requisite skill sets each year. If you are looking to emigrate to Australia, you will most likely want to gain permanent residency and stay here for good. With this in mind, this articles details the top jobs that can get you permanent residency in Australia.

The Top Jobs That Can Get You Australian Permanent Residency (PR)

In this year’s immigration plan for Australia, some of the most in-demand occupations include:

  • 17,322 registered nurses
  • 9,303 electricians,
  • 8,480 secondary school teachers,
  • 8,372 carpenters and joiners,
  • 6,979 metal fitters and machinists
  • 6,099 motor mechanics,
Jobs That Can Get You Australian Permanent Residency
Australia is looking for 4,841 livestock farmers this year

With all that being said, very few people have been invited to apply for a visa under these occupations.with insufficient English language skills being a challenge for many applicants.

Heading further down the list of jobs that can get you Australian PR, we have some slightly more obscure professions such as 4,841 places reserved for livestock farmers this year.

Australia has a massive skill shortage, particularly in rural and regional areas with the farming sector, in particular, grappling with a shortage of labour.

Australian Occupations With The Most Competition

In contrast to skills gaps that are hard to fill, there are some occupations such as Software and Applications Programmers and Accountants, which attract a very high number of applicants and seem on track to exhaust their quota.

While the minimum threshold for applying for an Australian permanent visa was lifted to 65 points in July last year, for occupations that have higher interest from visa applicants the required points score can be as high as 80.

Do you have an occupation on this list, and are you planning to look to gain permanent residency in Australia? Post in our comments below.

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Allan shoma
Allan shoma
5 months ago

I have experience in working with livestock sheep to be specific but I don’t have the qualification of a farmer,do I stand a chance to getting an Australian PR just with the experience I have in working with sheep??

Folasade AYOKANMI Akinyemi

Hi Mark, can a person who studied Veterinary medicine and has since been working as a poultry farmer get a positive asssessment from vetasses?

2 months ago

I have a mechanical engineering degree but have no experience in this field. What are my chance to get a pr in the future if I do a TAFE in Automotive Mechanic .

Seema chandra
Seema chandra
4 months ago

Looking for PR opportunities in biotechnology sector

Seema chandra
Seema chandra
4 months ago


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