Tornado in Perth – Yes, seriously

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Tornado's in Perth, Western Australia I’ve written before about the wonders of the Weather here in Western Australia and being someone of British decent, talking about the weather is always going to be a popular past time for me :)

Whilst standing in the coffee queue at work early this week however, the topic of conversation wasn’t the more traditional sunshine and rain but the wind!

I’m not talking about the flatulent variety either. I’m talking about seriously strong wind of the climatological kind so serious in fact that they even gained tornado status!

During the weekend there was a sever weather warning and we were advised to move anything ‘loose’ such as garden furniture from outside to under cover to minimise the possibility of damage.

They weren’t joking either. Around about midnight last Sunday the wind really picked up, the new plants in our garden were getting a good beating and at one point I heard one of the steel chairs from our patio furniture set getting blown from one end of the patio to the other.

Thankfully, other than a few torn branches, everything survived pretty well. Having said that we did better then the folks living south of us down in Rockingham.

Apparently the tornado reached speeds in excess of 150 kph and tore the roof of houses in the local area.

I remember a couple of years ago whilst in holiday in Sydney before we moved to Australia permanently there was news of storms in Perth which caused serious structural damage.

Thankfully on this occasion, we’ve escaped relatively damage free.

Having said that there are more storms planned for this weekend. The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted another cold front will hit Perth and the South-West coast tonight and into Sunday morning, which may result in damage to homes and properties.

This is all pretty difficult to believe right now. As I type this it’s beautifully sunny outside, a very pleasant 24 degrees Celsius and hardly the hint of any breeze in the air. 8)

If you don’t hear from me again then you’ll know why :)

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