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Tourism Australia Plugs Working Holiday Visa Video

The Australian Tourism board launched a new advertisement today plugging the Australian Working Holiday Visa.

In the 1 minute advert, they look to target young people who want to combine travel with temporary work under Australia’s Working Holiday Maker program.

The focus of the advertisement appears to be more on the holiday vs. the work though, the short clips located in an apple orchard does hint at the types of work available.

You can view the full Tourism Australia advert below.


For those who are considering travelling to Australia on a working holiday Visa, you may find the following article of interest: Applying For An Australian Working Holiday Visa.

Australia Inc. The best workplace in the world – Really?

I’d be interested to see if the above video ticks your boxes. Would a working holiday in Australia be something you would consider after viewing this advert?

Let us know in our comments.

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