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The Australian city of Townsville sits on the sun-drenched coastline of Queensland, around 400 miles north of the state capital, Brisbane.

First established as a port town in 1866, Townsville quickly blossomed. Take a walk along Flinders Street and admire some of Australia’s finest 19th-century buildings, including gracious pubs, which have been serving up ice-cold beers to thirsty locals for generations.

For years Townsville was a busy but provincial port until her northern skies darkened with the clouds of war. At the Army Museum of North Queensland, learn how the city became one of the largest allied bases during World War Two.

Discover even more of Townsville’s historical and natural treasures at the Museum of Tropical Queensland. Right next door, dive into Reef HQ, where the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef have been brought to shore for all to enjoy.
Just a few miles south of Townsville, continue your walk on the wild side at the award-winning Billabong Sanctuary.

To experience Townsville’s brightest jewel, take the 5-mile ferry ride to Magnetic Island. From Nellie Bay, set off to discover Maggie’s national parks and coastal communities.

When it comes to Aussie vacation adventures, be sure to set aside a few days in Townsville. Because sometimes it’s the lesser-known places which hold the sweetest surprises and offer the warmest welcomes.
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  2. I plan on moving to either Brisbane or townsville in a few years. I currently live in Toronto and once I finish my schooling for motorcycle/jet ski technician, that's when I plan on moving to Australia. I'm looking for hot weather and fine women, beautiful landscape, mountains, lakes, some culture. Would I be right if I say, cost of living would be more affordable in Townsville than Brisbane? If Australian people read this, would you recommend Brisbane or Townsville ?

  3. I plan on moving to Townsville or Brisbane in a few years when I plan on finishing school here in Toronto. Are there a lot of motorcycle riders and jet Skis in Townsville? Is motorcycling a big thing in Townsville? Also, hows the weather there in terms of rain. I like thunder and lightning storms, do you guys get that a lot, or is it mostly sunny days? And Iv'e heard on the news, Townsville is known for street floods, is that common ??

  4. Nice video, should be under the Australia playlist tho…

  5. There Are No Kangaroos In Austria!

    Edit your playlist for Austria please

  6. The country nearly 250 years old and how come 1000 years of history couldn’t get it explain please..??

  7. There are not 320 days of sunshine in Townsville. It rains like crazy between November and April.

  8. Do a video for Port Campbell, and Port Campbell National Park please, they are some of the most beautiful places in the country!

  9. Townsville is a beautiful city. I am lucky enough to live here. Forget Sydney move to Townsville!

  10. You know what the good thing is you don’t ever have to worry about terrorisation or anything like that Because well there’s like a 5km army base and the thing is I live 4 hours the road