Useful Idioms For Ielts Speaking To Express Feelings - Ielts Speaking Videos - October 2021

Useful Idioms for IELTS Speaking to Express Feelings

Today we will look at idioms and idiomatic expressions to help you express feelings. This is really important in part 2 because the Part 2 Task Card (Cue Card) often asks – explain how you felt about it.

List of “Feelings” covered in this video:

0:03:20 Excited
0:04:56 Impressed
0:07:42 Angry
0:12:15 Frustrated
0:16:50 Impatient
0:19:18 Bored
0:22:35 Happy
0:22:35 Happy with something
0:26:21 Thankful
0:28:31 Nervous
0:32:54 Relaxed
0:35:30 Sad

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  1. He doesn't just give out the ways to speak. He first make aware of the problem and then subsequently explain how to tackle it better which i believe is the best way to learn and retain the taught information.

  2. Dear Keith, I could not thank you enough for this video. I had to watch the video several times but at the end I got the necessary learning of the feelings topics. Great! Now I need to put them in practic.

  3. Dear Keith. I am really having problem with my understanding. I do not know why I can not absorb the information in english that you are given to me but when somebody else said what their problems it, I can easily remember full color every thing. This video like others are important to me but I have to watch the video several times. Oh my good! Talking about feeling I am frustrated. You are the best teacher a ever find out in YouTube.

  4. Dear friends some ideas to say that your time enjoying family time outside celebrating something is a "golden moment"? Apart from "memorable" Is there any idiom like "the moment was gold"?

  5. It's really awesome teaching I have never seen before. The way you teach is like cakewalk for the students and this is one of the paramount traits that you have sir.wonderful presentation.

  6. After knowing these idiomatic expressions, I am afraid the examinar himself does not know them. This man is really helping exam takers. A huge thanks to you, sir. You deserve an award!!!

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