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Useful Idioms for IELTS Speaking to Express Feelings

Today we will look at idioms and idiomatic expressions to help you express feelings. This is really important in part 2 because the Part 2 Task Card (Cue Card) often asks – explain how you felt about it.

List of “Feelings” covered in this video:

0:03:20 Excited
0:04:56 Impressed
0:07:42 Angry
0:12:15 Frustrated
0:16:50 Impatient
0:19:18 Bored
0:22:35 Happy
0:22:35 Happy with something
0:26:21 Thankful
0:28:31 Nervous
0:32:54 Relaxed
0:35:30 Sad

Do you have your own IELTS Speaking Tips?

If you found the Useful Idioms for IELTS Speaking to Express Feelings video useful and have your own tips to share, please use the comments below. Similarly, if you have any questions. Please share these below. As a community, we can help each other to learn together.

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