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There are literally hundreds of articles and blog entries scattered around the site so to make it easier for you to find some of the more interesting topics I thought I’d provide a list here:

General/Random Questions

Can you get Sky Satellite TV in Australia?
Should I worry about the Spiders in Australia?

Getting There:

You can’t just move to Australia, you need to get a visa which entails a hundred and one other things. To make things even more complicated there are lots of different Visa Options.

Have a look at the overview of the different visa classes below:

Australian Skilled Visa’s
Australian Business Visa Classes
Retirement Visa Class
Family Visa Class

Some of you may be thinking about using a Migration agent to help you through the complexities of a move down under. If your thinking of using an agent then make sure they are registered. Refer to our post : Migration Agents – How to find a registered Migration Agent.

There is also something called IELTS which stands for International English Language Testing System. Effectively it’s an exam you’ll need to take (dependent on your country of origin) to show that you can understand and speak a reasonable level of English.

IELTS – An Overview of the International English Language Testing System

Whether or not your country is a Low risk or High Risk can also effect how long it may take to process your visa application so check out this article to see how your country is classified:

High Risk or low Risk Country? So which are you?

Also remember to check out our Australian Visa section for more related entries

Once you have your visa:

OK, you’ve got your visa in hand and now you need to get there. Check out some of these useful entries:

How to Open an Australian Bank Account from outside of Australia
Taking you pet cats and dogs to Australia
Shipping Your Goods to Australia
Top tips when shipping your furniture to Australia
Flying to Australia – Double baggage allowance

You’ve landed in Australia and although heading to the local beach or lighting up a BBQ will be high on the agenda there are a number of other things you’ll need to do or know.

How to obtain your tax file number
How to avoid the age loading fee on your private medical insurance
How to apply for your Australian Driving License
Buying a Car in Australia
Australian Car Prices Vs Those in the UK
Surviving the worlds biggest shop – buying everything you need and how much it costs.
Australian Slang Words – What does that mean

Real Estate:

You’ll need somewhere to live, hopefully some of these entries will prove useful. Many more real estate related entries can be found in our Real Estate category

How much money can you borrow
How much house can you buy for £150,000
Buying land
Applying for the First Time Buyers Grant


So, why would you want to move to Australia in the first place? Lifestyle of course, here’s a few of our more popular posts highlighting some of the things we’ve done whilst living down under. You’ll find more in our Lifestyle category

Our first Christmas down under
Open Air Cinema at Kings Park
Watching the footie
Barbecues – Every good Aussie home needs one
Living in Australia one year on – A review

Remember this is not a full list, just some of our more useful ramblings which I’ll probably add to as time goes on ;) please feel free to browse through the rest of our site at your leisure.

You’ll find a search box at the top of each page or Click Here to view our Archives.

If you still need help or have a question unanswered then remember to also check out our forums. We’re a friendly bunch and will always be available to help :)

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