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australian skills in demandPLEASE NOTE THIS OCCUPATIONS LIST REFERENCED BELOW HAS BEEN REPLACED AND IS NO LONGER VALID – For the most current list of Australian occupations in demand. Please CLICK HERE.

What is the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL)?

The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) lists those occupations and specialisations identified by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) that are in short supply.

What occupations are currently MODL?

The table below shows the current (as at 17 May 2008) occupations in demand for migration purposes.

IMPORTANT : Make sure you aso check out the official SOL website which is available by clicking here

Managers and Administrators ASCO code
Child Care Coordinator 1295-11
Engineering Manager 1221-11
Professionals ASCO code
Accountant 2211-11
Anaesthetist 2312-11
Architect 2121-11
Chemical Engineer 2129-17
Civil Engineer 2124-11
Computing Professional – specialising in CISSP * 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in C++/C#/C * 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in Data Warehousing 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in Java * 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in J2EE * 2231-79
Computing Professional – Linux 2231-79
Computing Professional – .Net technologies 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in Network Security/Firewall/Internet Security * 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in Oracle * 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in PeopleSoft * 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in SAP * 2231-79
Computing Professional – specialising in SIEBEL * 2231-79
Computing Professional – Solaris 2231-79
Computing Professional – Unix 2231-79
Dental Specialist 2381-13
Dentist 2381-11
Dermatologist 2312-13
Electrical Engineer 2125-11
Electronics Engineer 2125-13
Emergency Medicine Specialist 2312-15
External Auditor 2212-11
General Medical Practitioner 2311-11
Hospital Pharmacist 2382-11
Mechanical Engineer 2126-11
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer 2391-11
Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 2127-11
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 2312-17
Occupational Therapist 2383-11
Ophthalmologist 2312-19
Optometrist 2384-11
Paediatrician 2312-21
Pathologist 2312-23
Petroleum Engineer 2127-13
Physiotherapist 2385-11
Podiatrist 2388-11
Psychiatrist 2312-27
Quantity Surveyor 2122-11
Radiologist 2312-29
Registered Mental Health Nurse 2325-11
Registered Midwife 2324-11
Registered Nurse 2323-11
Retail Pharmacist 2382-15
Specialist Medical Practitioners (not elsewhere classified) 2312-79
Specialist Physician 2312-25
Speech Pathologist 2386-11
Sonographer 2391-17
Surgeon 2312-31
Surveyor 2123-13
Associate Professionals ASCO Code
Chef (excluding Commis Chef) 3322-11 (part)
Dental Technician 3492-15
Trades Persons ASCO codes
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics) 4114-15
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) 4114-11
Automotive Electrician 4212-11
Baker 4512-11
Binder and Finisher 4913-11
Boat Builder and Repairer 4981-13
Bricklayer 4414-11
Cabinetmaker 4922-11
Carpenter 4411-13
Carpenter and Joiner 4411-11
Cook 4513-11
Drainer 4431-15
Electrical Powerline Tradesperson 4313-11
Electrician (Special Class) 4311-13
Electronic Equipment Tradesperson 4315-11
Fibrous Plasterer 4412-11
Fitter 4112-11
Floor Finisher 4423-11
Furniture Finisher 4929-13
Furniture Upholsterer 4942-11
Gasfitter 4431-13
General Electrician 4311-11
General Plumber 4431-11
Hairdresser 4931-11
Joiner 4411-15
Landscape Gardener 4623-13
Lift Mechanic 4311-15
Locksmith 4115-15
Mechanical Services and Air-conditioning Plumber 4431-19
Metal Fabricator (Boilermaker) 4122-11
Metal Machinist (First Class) 4112-13
Motor Mechanic 4211-11
Optical Mechanic 4999-11
Painter and Decorator 4421-11
Panel Beater 4213-11
Pastry Cook 4512-13
Pressure Welder 4122-13
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanic 4312-11
Roof Plumber 4431-17
Roof Slater and Tiler 4413-11
Solid Plasterer 4415-11
Sheetmetal Worker (First Class) 4124-11
Stonemason 4416-13
Toolmaker 4113-11
Tree Surgeon 4623-15
Vehicle Body Maker 4215-11
Vehicle Painter 4214-11
Wall and Floor Tiler 4416-11
Welder (First Class) 4122-15

* Important:
If you nominate one of the above specialist computing occupations, you will only be awarded MODL points if your skills assessment from the relevant Australian assessing body – the Australian Computer Society (ACS) states you have met the criteria to be recognised in one of the above specialisations.

Skills assessments provided to successful applicants will state:

* the ASCO Code for Computer Professional not elsewhere classified (nec) with the specialisation stated in brackets – for example, 2231-79 (SAP) and
* the statement: ‘Based on the provided certified documentation, it is my opinion that the applicant has 12 months experience in (name of specialisation, for example, SAP)’.

Note: If you have a skills assessment which only states the ASCO Code for ‘Computer Professional nec 2231-79’, you are not eligible to be awarded MODL points. A new assessment with the above information will be required if you wish to claim MODL points.

How often does the MODL change?

The MODL is reviewed twice a year to take into consideration existing and emerging skills shortages. This does not mean the list is changed twice a year. Changes only occur if there has been a significant change in labour market trends.

As the MODL may change from time to time, you are advised to check the current MODL at the time you are lodging your visa application.

How are occupation points awarded on the points test?

If your nominated occupation is on MODL either at the time your application is lodged or assessed, you will be eligible for ‘occupation in demand/job offer’ points on the General Skilled Migration points test. You will receive extra points if you have a job offer from a suitable Australian employer.

What is a ‘suitable Australian employer’?

A ‘suitable Australian employer’ is an employer that has employed at least 10 people on a full-time basis for the previous two (2) financial years.

If you intend to claim points for ‘occupation in demand/job offer’ you are required to submit documentary evidence that your proposed employer meets these requirements. This evidence should include:

* a letter of offer from your prospective employer on official letterhead of the company which states the full address of the company and any telephone, fax numbers, e-mail and website addresses
* the name and position of the person authorised to sign the employment reference typed or stamped below that person’s signature – a reference with an illegible signature will not be accepted
* details of the position you are being offered, the main five duties to be undertaken, and the salary level
* details of the organisation making the job offer, including the number of people it has employed on a full-time basis for the previous two (2) years

The department will make any necessary checks to ensure that the information provided is correct.

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