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Wanted Down Under – Applications wanted by the BBC for second series

BBC Wanted Down Under - How to apply for series two of wanted down under

I’m really not sure how current this news is (it was passed on by a friend of mine) but it transpires that the BBC are going to be doing a second series of Wanted Down Under very soon and are looking for candidates to join them.

I’m not sure if this second series of Wanted down under will be as popular as the first as this new series looks like it will be concentrating on folks looking to emigrate to New Zealand.

Still, the official line from the BBC is as follows:

The BBC are on the search for families wishing to immigrate to New Zealand for our 2nd series of Wanted Down Under, a program in which we take families to test-ride New Zealand for a week before they decide whether to emigrate.

If you feel you could make interesting contributors for the show, please send us an email stating why, including contact details. Emails should be addressed to Contact details updated : Click Here for the latest contact details for series three

So there you go folks, if you fancied the look of this TV program first time around then get your applications for the second series of the BBC’s Wanted Down Under Program now.

Remember to give Getting Down Under a mention when you call 8)

Also, if you manage to ‘get in’ or shortlisted please let us know :)

Good Luck!

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Forums

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  1. Hi
    Me and my partner are just about to start the whole process of getting visa to Australia but OMG we have to have about 7.000 pounds or more can anyone tell me if the costs are really that high?

  2. hi we are the bonner family we currenly live in portsmouth uk/ we rent a navel property and have been thinking about australia for about 2 years now. my husband is in the royal navy as a engineer petti officer.
    i am a house wife looking into haordressing. we have two children aged 7 and 11. they to like the thought of a future living in australia as they love the outdoors and animals. this chance of being on the show would help give us the amazing experiance to see if australia is for us. i get the winter depression and feel that living in australia will help me to stay happy all year round. :) we get help with the navy to transferr with the job side of it but i think we just need to see what the navy is actually like thereand if there is jobs for him and me. hes preperred to do all the training needed to achieve the level of his job he compared to ozzi. we no that there will be a pay cut until hes trained up. but its worth it.
    we are use to not being with family as we have lived away from them for 5 years now so thats not a issue. i hope this advert is accepted and we can finally be off to see if we can be living the dream. thankyou.

  3. Hi everybody.

    I lived in Brisbane for three years with my family. Been back in the UK for just over two years. ALL BE VERY CAREFUL , THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER !

    These programmes are a load of rubbish and must be given a backhander by the ozzy goverment. The programmes I have seen do not give you the cold hard facts…

    Best of luck to you all.

  4. Hi! My name is Sasha Kumar and I live in South Wales with my family- My..
    Dad – A business man
    Mam – Primary school teacher
    Sister- Age 12
    Me!- 14
    I am really fed up of being bored, all there is to do in the U.K (when it rains) is go shopping, the cinema or bowling. So I am trying to persuade them that a life in Austrailia would be better as there are soo many different things to do!

    I think they do want to get out of this rainy country but are too scared!#

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you help me show my family that it would be a better life.

  5. Hi

    We have our home on the market at the moment and are looking to move to Sydney. We would like to rent out there with a view to purchasing a home as soon as we were settled.
    I am 38 and was in administration but currently a home maker.
    My husband is 39 and a self employed plasterer for the last 10 years.
    I have a daughter about to leave school in June 2010 and a 4 Year old son who is in reception class and will go into year 1 in September.
    We want to live for life not live to work and have an un materialistic life in Australia. I may go to work once the kids are settled.
    If you would be interested in following our story please let me know.

    Many Thanks Hayley

    • I have just read your statement. we are just starting out on this road. Are there really work out there. did you go. how long did it take to get the visa

  6. Help me please… I really need your help convincing my husband that we could have such a better life in Australia!!
    I would LOVE to apply for your programme Wanted Down Under’ Where you help families make a life changing decision to either stay put in the UK or up sticks and start a fresh abroad!

    We have a 20 month old son and life in Australia would be so much better for him and the whole family. I have done a lot of research in to it and it would suit us down to the ground, I know it would, but my husband is in two minds. Which I can understand as it is on the other side of the world, it would be a big risk.

    But the best thing is he wouldn’t (hopefully) even need to look for a job as the company we work for now (Ansvar) has an office in Melbourne!! It’s perfect!!
    We love the out door living the beach, the lifestyle and all the things Australia have to offer.

    I know it is difficult at the moment, due to the climate, for people to enter the country but like I say we both work at Ansvar so we would both have jobs to go in too.

    This is just in brief as I could go on for ever…

    Please Please Please can you help? I need you expertise and support to help us make this big decision.

    Please can you e-mail what i would need to do etc to applie for the programme. Many thanks

  7. Hi, me and my partner got married last September, and bought our first house, we both would love to move to australia and start a family, in which we know australia are looking for young expanding familys, but as you have to have a trade to move to australia and have to have money, we know we will never get there.
    I am a dispenser for cohens pharmacy and my partner is a Timber merchant and grader, is there no other way you can move there, as we do not think its safe to bring a family up in England? x : )

  8. Hiya, Im looking in to moving to Australia with my partner and to children. I would like to know how to apply to go on the Wanted Down Under that is showen on BBC. I would like to start a new life in Australia with my family, but want to make sure that me and my family would like it. Also Iv been looking at jobs in Australia and cannot find Beauty Therapists. Im in college at the moment traning up to be a Beauty Therapist.

    Thank you for your time,

    Vicky x

    • Vicky.
      over a million people each year apply to go australia, of that number, many are refused, trades are a requirement, IF your beauty therapy course is cerifed to australian standards and upon a required at least two years salon experience, youd be judged alongside others for suitability for emigration.
      Its a very difficult and often very expensive option to emmigrate to australia, and quite rightly australia want the best of those trades to enhance their own economy.
      keep looking at the updates in trades required as your partners trade may also be a required one at some point.

      most of the uk would love to emigrate to australia, a positive and realistic attitude is required at all times, maybe youd also do well to gain your hairdressing qualification too, as that is a required trade, and when you get to australia youd have better prospects as youd be qualified and experienced in both traddes. good luck

  9. Hello. We moved back from Perth Western Australia a year ago. We lived in Mandurah which was absolutely beautiful. Why did we move back? There were circumstances including a death in the family. We now live in the Cotswolds, a lovely part of England. The problem is we have been sick with colds, flu and novovirus for the past few months, as is everyone else here. I assure everyone the sea air cuts out this problem (probably due to the air/salt content)because we never got ill there in a year & a half except for a mere cold. I’m Irish but my wife is Aussie so we did get our Visa’s easy. We are going back in June, we miss the dolphins, the fishing, the lifestyle, the food quality etc. Many of our mates are English, they are relaxed bcause of the pace of life in Western Australia. Oh yeah, the barbecues on the beach are FREE, just press the button and flip your shrimps!! I can recommend our migrant Agent in Mandurah, WA – ACCESS WA ask for Clive Greaves. All the best to you all & if you make it out there we’ll have a beer in Murphy’s in Mandurah.

  10. Hello Mark

    Congratulations – This is a very useful website!

    I am currently applying for a skilled migrants visa for my whole family and the information here has proved to be very helpful. Your patience is noted!

    We are enjoying Series 3 of the show and have just applied to appear on Series 4. The only thing I feel is lacking is that we dont find out whether the families definitely move to Australia despite their votes to do so. I am specially interested in the Clark and McDermott families from the current series. Maybe if they log onto this website, they’d be kind enough to update us.

    More research to do. And the next show is about to come on TV!

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Lorna, your comment spoke for me also as i would like to see how others settled in with their new lifestyle. My daughter(21) is in Perth on a years working visa and does not want to come home. Im a cook and would love to upsticks and take a chance on a new life but dont know where to begin the process(would love some advice). Best wishes to all who have taken the plunge.

  11. no offence but i think its very stupid giving a child the choice of emmigrating or not, because they are so easily influenced.

  12. Hi!

    My husband and I are seriously considering a life in Australia. I have visited for work about 6 times now all over the country and NZ but mainly based in Sydney, and I am due back in March 09.
    I love the lifestyle, and have been offered freelance work as well as the fact that I have now started to form relationships so feel it would be an easier process emotionally. I work in the skincare industry and work as a trainer. My Husband is a self employed bricklayer. I have been told there is a huge calling for the trade but he is nervous of the difference in work. We also have a dog which we love to bits and weant to clarify all the legalities of him travelling over with us.
    As we are close to making a decision it feels that this programme would be an ideal decision maker for us.
    We would love to be considered for the show if there is to be another series?

    Cheers, many thanks.


  13. Hi there wer’e a family of 4 wanting to emigrate to Perth.
    My name is Les (32 years old) ,my fiance is Sharon (29) jade (9)and lily-mai(3).
    I install air conditioning (3 and a half yrs exp),Sharon is a carer.
    We are about to start the emmigration process in 4 months but would love to see Perth and the areas aand schools etc first.
    Thankyou for your time,
    yours sincerely Les Bourne and family.

    • Hi, I am wanting to move to oz, ive managed to get a ticket organised and im going to visit in april this year, but id like some info on how to get some contacts conected to my profession which is barbering im going to brisbane queensland area code 4115. would love any help or advise, many thanks lorraine

      • Lorraine.
        under the terms of your visitor/holiday visa, you would not be allowed to do anything work related (unless it has working specifications), ironically this includes even interviews, harsh penalties in place to stop people doing this, so make sure your allowed to job hunt etc whilst your there. immigration and customs are exceptionally good at entry visas, if your visa doesnt allow what you want, when you arrive in australia, go see aussie immigration and they could well give permission to do what your hoping, a 3 yr exclusion is in place and is passed to anyone who breaks visa rules and regulations, as its been so flaunted in the past. youd probably get no joy from australia house, but aussie immigration are very helpful and eagre to help over there.
        good luck.

  14. Hello, my name is Natalie Austin. I am a single, 30 year old Art and Design Teacher from Essex. I have been to Australia twice and since breaking with my ozzy boyfriend 2 years ago, have lived at home with my parents trying to save as much money as i can, so that i can eventually move back there. I am about to send in my Australian application to emmigrate but am just waiting on some paperwork to be completed. I have not actually seen the show before, but everyone has been telling me about it for ages. I am never finished work at the time the show is aired! I really want to live in Sydney, but have never actually taught in a school there and would very much like to experience the Australian education system before i go. I hope you can help me out! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Natalie Austin, Chelmsford, Essex.

  15. Hi, My name is Allan Stewart, and i writing to say that i come from a family of 4. My mum Alaine, My Father in law james, and my little brother Jonathan. we live on the west coast of Scotland on a very popular and well knowen island called Islay. i would like to put myself and my family to the test of trying out down under for a week, and put the UK and Austrillia life styles to the test, my family watch it every time is on, and we would love the oppertunity to try it out. my family are in need of a big change in surroundings and in life style, if you seen where we live, you would do the same!! we would be delighted and greatful to take part in the show.


    Allan Stewart, Isle of Islay, Scotland

  16. Good aftrenoon sanjay here, i feel that now that i have reached 40 years of age i need to see and experince a new environment and challange, and tihs would be a fantastic opportunity for anyone, i have 2 children which of one has just started reception school and the other child still at home, my wife also needs a change as she is getting fed up, would love to take part in your next show, australia and new zeland have been the places we would like to emigrate to……….

  17. dear sir/madam

    my comments now is about the north molluccas election problem, so did you reports or do you have update everyday?

    • I have been hooked on this series right from the beginning although do find it absurd that people from Britain would want to move to New Zealand when its climate is really not that much better rainfall wise than our own.

      I also have found that this series, the families have been shown very poor quality houses and wonder are the directors trying to put people off?

      As a mother of 4 children who might one day turn round and say they are moving to the other side of the world, I would say “Go For It” In this day and age of computer technology with emails, chat programmes and web cams the excuse of not being able to see children, grandchildren etc is very lame. When those videos are shown by family and friends and the tears all flow as soon as the play switch is touched seems like the first time anybody has really considered what effect moving will have on their families.

      Ok…rambled on enough. Hope everyone manages to live their dream :)

      • I absolutely agree Andrea. I have grandchildren and sons but quite frankly they now have their life and they would not hesitate if boot was on other foot.

        • P.S. I am trying to get on programme for New Zealand now and because the climate is similar to ours..Great! that`s why the opportunity appeals.What a chance we have with this programme!!!

  18. Hi, I’ve been trying to find the link to apply for the next wanted down under series? Keep hitting brick walls. Any clues please very much appreciated!! Thinking of emigrating to NZ, via the RNZN. Ta folks, Lou

  19. Hiya Karen, please note Getting Down Under is not affiliated with this program. You will need to contact the BBC direct if your interested in being on the Wanted Down Under TV show :)

    Good luck



  20. hello, would love to take part in the show – my husband and I and our 11 year old daughter are seriously thinking of emigrating to either new zealand or australia – but having watched the australia programmes so far we seem to have been swayed a little towards australia. My husband is a porfessional golfer and I work as a sales executive for education supplies and our daughter charlotte attends private school locally. One of her friends from school emigrated to new zealand last year and a friend of my husband’s also – my husband has relatives in perth australia but we have not had contact with them for over 20 years. Please consider us we would love to just have the experience of a week looking around on the job front and houses and of course schools just to finally make our mind up – hope you contact us – please-please-please – thank you
    Karen Bailey

  21. Hi
    I have applied for the next series my husband is a serving police officer over here in the UK. We have been interested in emmigrating to New Zealnd for a number of years now, but htis new series is brilliant!
    any ex pats in New Zealand who can give me more infor greatly apprehciated!

  22. I am very interested in appearing on the tv show as myself and family are looking to emergrate to oz, i will be a qualified mental health nurse this year.
    Please contact me with regards to this
    Many Thanks

    Michelle Ashelford

  23. Hi Mark, I have just caught this show for the second time and totally hooked. Myself and my family did make enquiries some months ago about the whole emigration process, and found that as a mechanic and an estate agent, we would be more than welcomed, but its just such a daunting process looking into schools, housing etc when you have 4 kids ranging from newborn to 17 years old!!!! So much to consider. So I have just emailed the BBC to see if we would be considered for the show at any point, as I think the sort of guidance this show offers would be invaluable. Heres hoping we make it! I’ll let you know. Regards, Karina

  24. Hi I have just found this great site, we were the Jones family on the first series of wanted down under, the BBC came out to Oz to film an update a couple of months ago, which will be screened in Jan/Feb so keep your eyes peeled for us.


    • hi the jones family how r u hope you are all well did you end up staying in oz or did you come back id love to go to perth my sister lives there and were goin through the process now of moving over there we hav got 2 kids who are 9 so i think there at a nice age its getting worse over here for gangs etc and its our dream to move over there i will let you know how were getting on with the process hope your all well take care xx

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