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Wanted Down Under? – How to Apply for Series 4 of wanted down under

Wanted Down Under? - How To Apply For Series 4 Of Wanted Down Under - Featured - October 2021Wanted down under is a term being typed into Google quite a lot at the moment and the search results are directing a large number of wannabe Aussies here at Getting Down Under.

Having spoken to my folks back in the UK last night it transpires that the BBC are currently re-showing one of the earlier series of wanted down under and as before it looks like it’s generating quite a bit of interest for those who yearn for a new life here in Australia.

I got in contact with the Wanted Down Under production team at the BBC to see if there are any plans for future series and they have confirmed that although the search for contributors for Series 3 has now been completed, they are ‘hopeful’ for a 4th series!

As with earlier series, if you are interested in applying for Series 4 of Wanted Down under then you should email the BBC at including some brief information about yourself and your family to help them choose some appropriate participants.

The BBC has requested that this information should include:

  • Your names and ages
  • Contact details including a phone number
  • The area in which you currently live
  • Where you are considering moving to
  • A brief description of your job (particularly for the possible Visa applicant)
  • The main factors behind the desire to move
  • Any issues holding you back
  • What stage you are at in the
  • Visa application process (if at all)

If you’re worried about providing any of this information, the guys at the BBC have also confirmed that all details will be kept on file for future reference but not shared with any third party.

So there we go, get emailing for a chance of appearing on Series 4 of the show and best of luck with your application :D

A Place in the Sun Down Under visits Perth

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia. Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assistance. If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Community Forums. Please note All information provided on Getting Down Under should be considered in conjunction with our disclaimer. Please seek professional advice if you have any doubts! 

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  1. Hi name is Poppy Hereward im 23 and live with my boyfriend Mike, 26.

    We have a baby girl on the way ( due in just 1 weeks time!) and a Golden Retriever called Riley that we wouldnt leave without!!

    We currently live in a 4 bed new build rented property in Birmingham but own a £25000 property that we rent out also. We would be looking to rent at first but we are very keen to look in to the Land and Build packages over there and see what we can get for our money.

    I am a level 3 Nursery nurse/ Playworker i have worked in a range of nurserys and have experience in a hospitail setting which is where i would love to end up. Mike works for a childrens charity called the Challenge, running community summer programs for children in Birmingham. he has also previously run 2 of the uk’s leading weight loss camps in the past, Carnegie International Camp and Wellspring UK.

    We are a young family and we wlould love to bring our baby and any others that we may have up in a fresher cleaner enviroment! Mike has been to Aus before and i only hear good things about it. We love spending time outdoors and with the birth of our first baby just around the corner, it is even more improtant that we get to spend as much time as possible as a family.

    One of the main things holding us back is the dog. We have had riley for 2 years scince he was a puppy and we couldnt imagine leaving him behind but ont really know the process or how to go about it.

    another thing is taking mikes parents first grand child away from them. we are all very close.

    We hope to hear from you soon!!

    Poppy Hereward.

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Zoe (35) and I am married to Adam (35) whom i met when we were 14 years old! We moved to Dorset to find happiness by the beach – SANDBANKS! And after being told we couldnt have children… had 3 lovely children – Jade 9, Jazmin 8 and Alfie 2 – born Christmas Day! Anywho, we are outdoor people and love the beach and r searching for the weather to go with that. Have got the application for a VISA 176, and Adam is in process of taking up VETASSESS OFFER TO GET HIS CERT 111. Adam has been a qualified car mechanic (sorry, vehicle technician) for 20 years and I am a qulified pre-school teacher NVQ level 3 in CCLD and NVQ level 3 in Technical support in Engineering! So both hope to find work pretty easily?

    We are certain that PERTH is the destination for us and it is a matter of time now…



    Many thanks x

  3. Series four application sent of last month, then we got asked to provide more detailed info (on top of the auto response message) Emailed that 2 weeks ago now waiting for a phonecall from the show, a watched phone never rings! If you got on the show, or through to the final stages how long did you have to wait to hear back??? We don’t want to ge too excited but can’t help it as would be such a great opportunity! Would love to hear from people who are applying/have applied!

  4. Hi myself and my partner are fed up with the British way of life and have often talked about emigrating to Australia, though as shown on the wanted down under show it is not aways that easy. we feel that with help from the show we would be able to see what we are missing over in oz. I am a 24 year old qualified nursery nurse and my partner a 27 year old painter and decorator. We are currently living in sunny old Birmingham. We own our own property and would love to see what we could get for our money out in Australia, as we have never visited Australia and only saw the programe we really like the look of melboure. We often watch the show and say how you dont have many young profressionals on who do not yet have children but would love to start a family and have a much better way of life in oz. We would be grateful if you would consider us for your show it would be a welcome change for your viewers and you could help us with our biggest descision yet. THANKS Laurax

  5. Hi to all you folks that are thinking of migrating to oz,we are a family of 4,and have been living in wa for 18 mths, it was a very difficult start, having left a very comfortable life in the uk, we are a normal working class family, that decided to make the move for the sake of our kids future. my husband worked full time in the uk, and i worked p/t doing 9 hrs p/w, he’s still full time, and l’m now doing on average 26 hrs p/w.
    The theory behind it here, is you work hard, and play hard, and thats just what we do,come weekends we pack the car up squeeze the dog in and head somewhere for the day, then on sundays we head for the surf club,our 15 yr old son is now a surf life saver, the kids love it,we love it, our feet still haven’t touched the ground.we live a comfortable life, buying our house, had a swimming pool put in, got a jet bike, an off road motor bike to mess around in the bush, and 2 cars. we have made some fantastic friends,we are very close to a couple who husband is a water bomber, he’s one of these guys that fly the planes and put the fires out.We have really pushed ourselves to make this work.
    So if your thinking of making the big move,think long and hard, weigh up the good and the bad, and make your first steps to becoming a PR in Australia.
    Good luck and all the best.

  6. We have been watching your show on a regular basis,an have talked about emigrating to australia.We have been on varius websites,work,living accomadation,and schools.
    We want to wake up feeling happy,not worrying about money.And with our country in recession,we feel now is the ideal time to considder the move.we have no capital behind us,and we feel the show is an ideal way to find accomadation,work,without the fuss of searching ourselves.
    My husband would love to work on the road trains,or in the mines,anything that has good money,in order to survive and live a comfortable life.we feel there is nothing holding us back here in uk.

  7. Hi we are the O’connor family, we have two dependent children, and watch wanted down under every day and live our dream we now think its time to make a life changeing decision . My husband and I both have trades Mike his a highley trained paintsprayer and panelbeater also pain demonstator for top vehicles , I am trained as a Pharmacy
    Technitian and also in Banking work for 6 years we need that final push to change our lives help:

  8. Don’t suppose anyone as suggestions for reasonable Perth suburbs that are good for family and have parks etc. Just looking into some rentals ??

    Mark do you feel like you are repeating yourself sometimes….


  9. I would love to emigrate to Australia, I would not even look back!! We just have no idea where to start in the process of emigrating!!
    I am 27 and my Husband is 41, and we have 3 children aged 9, 7, and 4. My husband works as a grain silo operator, and I am training to become an Accountant. The area we were fond of trying is Darwin, it looks great!
    Can anyone give us some info as to where we would start and how difficult it is to emigrate?

    I do have an uncle who emigrated to Oz years ago, weather that helps?

  10. hello i have been looking at moving to austraila or new zealand for the past 2 years my partner bryan is also interested in looking at the possiblity to move to either place iam a computer field technician come parts delivery and my partner is a science techncian in a school. so we would both be looking at getting jobs with a nice home i work a lot of hours and dont get much time to spend with my partner but i do love the programe going down under and have followed the last series so keep up the good work .
    please help us both to make the discovery in austrailia i am set on moving i just need to see for myself but bryan need more of a possitive outlook we have no house to sell but would look to buy property out there many thanks

  11. Hi my name is Fiona, I am 25, married with 2 kids (2and half year old and 1 year old)and we live in Whitehead, N.I.
    My husband is a full time fitter/welder ad currently builds busses.
    I gave up work to bring up my kids and also because of the cost of child care, we decided paying someone £1000 per month to look after our kids wasnt worth the money.
    Because of the cost of living and the current state of affairs in N.I. we have had to move out of our house and move in with family, we our renting our house out at present.
    My husband has been very keen to move to australia for a number of years now but I am holding him back. I would find it very hard to leave my family (however i think my parents could be persuaded to come with us). I am also very set in my ways and scared to make such a huge move but I probably wouldnt take much persuading.
    Please consider us for your programme

  12. Although some members of the family don’t want to move, we think this could be the perfect opportunity for them to consider changing their minds. I am a student nurse and I am about to qualify and would like to see the job prospects and lifetyle changes in Australia. My 2 daughters feel that they cannot move because they have friends in this country and that they cannot leave them because they will never see them again. But this possible experience could change their minds and help them decide wether to stay in England or move to Australia.

  13. For 4 years we have been looking to emigrate to new zealand we being my wife myself and our 3 young children.3 years ago we were ready to start the process but my wifes mother became unwell and it wasnt the right time to proceed,sadly my wifes mother has since passed away but this has made us more determined to make a better life for us as a a time served joiner i know i qualify for the application process and and know there is work out there for me.To appear on your programme would be the final push i think we would need to make the move and would certainly clear up any lingering doubts we may have.A move to new zealand seems the next step for the family somerville and we believe that we have a lot to gain by making this move and if by making this step it increases our childrens chances of a happy future we would gladly go.Please help us make this massive decision slightly easier

  14. Hi,to all,
    Been looking for a great adventure for some time now, Iam 30, married and have twins.I have always fancied moving to Newzeland but my husband is a little reluctant as he has his own building buisness which is very succesful and neither of us have ever been there, however Iam a hairdesser and I feel now would be a great time as the kids are very young also i would pay for the airfare as it is more of the guidance from the show we would require,seen alot of properties in Aukland that look fab but then there ar the jobs and schools to look at, Would be greatful for any advice and thanks for the time. Regards Clare.

  15. Hi visitors and Mark,

    I feel sorry for Mark, the website editor, as he has repeatly asked people to read the article that he posted and email the BBC correctly.

    Its great reading other peoples information as to why they want to move and what each situation is but is Mark the program manager?!



      • G’day Mark,

        I can confirm that I have emailed the BBC directly after your very useful article. Though you can get over excited by your very well maintained blog, that I guess some visitors seem to skim read and forget to read the important bit.

        p.s. is G’day really used that often?! :)
        We are at early stages ourselves and doing some investigations. Everything we read and open, even a chinese fortune cookie, is giving us very strong hints/clues. We both decided to move only a month ago.

  16. Hi there. My wife and I have been watching Wanted down under and we have been thinking of moving to Austrailia for a while now. Being a Lift engineer myself and my wife being a Nursery Nurse we would be accepted through the points system. We are a young couple currently living in Sunderland with a young daughter who we think deserve’s a better future. With our daughter being only 4 years old we think the transition of moving to Austrailia would be easier than later in life. We would love to hear from you. Thanks.

  17. Hi we were the Jones family who were filmed on the first series of wdu and the revisited, my oh is the carpet filler, I would just like to say that we have now been in Oz for just over a year now and love the lifestyle we have over here, ie weather plenty of FREE things for the kids to do ie beach, lovely parks & bbq areas, my kids age 13/10 & 4 have all settled really well and love the life we are fortunate to have given them.
    I have set up a relocation company helping people to find rentals, cars etc. so am “not a stay at home mummy anymore” I am in the process of doing my REIQ which will then allow me to sell property etc so really looking forward to doing that.
    i just want to say I hope you all follow your dreams in moving to OZ although its not for everyone and some people don’t settle you have to give it a try.

    Anyway If I can help in any way please feel free to pm me I am on the Forum as HOPPITY.

    Sarah x

    • hi sarah,

      i would love to make a new life in oz but husband not as keen, he is a joiner with 22 years experience in window fitting, extentions etc, what is the work like at the moment and is there any websites that let me know and average salary. I am a childminder of 13 yrs. Do people use childminders or is usually nurserys and nannies? we have 3 kids 17, 13 and 7

      Many thanks


    • Hi can anyone give us some advice.We are a family of four who really wish to move to Australia but as my husband is 48 years of age the only way we can do this is through sponsorship,does anyone know of a way this can be done while we are still in the U.K. or would my husband have to come to Aus to find employment first? He is a supervisor in the motor trade dealing with crash repairs,many thanks to anyone that can give advice.
      Marnie Constantinou

  18. Hi,
    My name is Andy Murray myself and my family would like to go to New Zealand to live. My good lady and I have 3 young kids 10,6 and 18 months and we both agree that they would have a better life down under which will have alot more to offer them as they grow up.
    I am a time served electrician, and have started my teaching qualification.
    I wish everyone luck in their future choices.
    I myself am trying to work out how to apply for seies 4 of wanted down under.

  19. australia seems to be the place to be..
    it seems to me that us brits are being pushed out of our own country. thats why so many of us have decided to move on to have a better life down under..
    good luck to those who make the right choices in life

  20. we love watching wanted down under and we have done some looking into moveing over there we just need help on were would be the best place for our family .We love the idea of new zeland and the way of live it would be a hole new start never to look back. that is why i would like to go on the show. thank you.

  21. thanks for the information just entered my plea to the BBC so who knows. my brother moved to Perth in Nov 2007 and started his own tiling business that is doing really well.

    i wish i could afford to go and see him and investigate for oursleves, but alas like many we cant afford the £4000 flight costs. fingers crossed for the BBC to get us there!!!!!


  22. myself and my husband have been thinking of emigrating to australia for some time now but the australian visas have told us that we can only move is on a sponsership move as i am over 45 and we can no longer go out on my skills my husband is a truck driver with many certificates. we have a 6 year old daughter who we no would love to live there aswell, my son who is 23 can go out on his skills he has been excepted.we would like to now if anyone can help us at all.we live in norfolk and we would like to go to queensland area as david has relitives out there.If you or your program are able to help us in anyway shape or form we would be very grateful to here from you. thank you for taking the time to read this letter yours sincerley carol& david

  23. hi! We are really considering moving to Oz, We live in southampton. I’m a welder and my wife is a baker.
    I have 2 girls aged 12 and 8. Since wacthing the programe it makes me want to sell up and go. Yes leaving family will be very hard. But whats left in the u.k. Struggling like mad.Trying to get the best for your family. You’ve only got one chance in life, so why not give it ago. if we dont do this, will we regret it later on in life?We would love to be considered to have chance to go, just to see what is all cracked up to be. Cant stand this rain any longer.

  24. Hi Guys and thank you all for your useful input. As before there appears to be a few of you who are not reading the articles correctly. Please note We are not associated with the BBC or the Wanted Down Under program :)

    If you wish to be considered for future series of wanted down under then full instructions are provided in the article at the op of the page.

    Good luck :D



  25. hi, both my husband (company owner,(fiborous plasterer) and I (teacher) are both in our late 30’s with our son who is now 19 months have considered Melbourne however after visiting 3 years ago to our disappontment wasn’t the place for us. My facination with Australia still intrigues me and i want to discover if Perth or new south wales has better security for a hard working family. Leigh my husband challeges the prospect of wether he will gain more time with us as a family and earning really a reliable income that honestly provides a better standard of living. Priority however is schools with excellent job prospects for our son as our borough has very good schools. Until he is convinced the opportunity will remain a dream.

  26. We have been considering a move to Australia for some time as we have three children aged 13yrs, 5yrs & 2yrs and we would love to give them the best start in life, which we think Australia would be able to offer. Also the chance for me to be able to spend alittle more quality time with my family, as at the moment i work a 6-7 day week as a mechanic and my partner works shifts at a Golf Club, so we are regularly ships passing in the night. We own our 3 bed semi in Birmingham, but would love a home possible near the sea with some sunshine. Both myself and my partner are 37yrs and would love to find out if Australia life would be for us and the children, so we would be grateful if you would consider our family for your show Wanted Down Under

  27. Hi, my name is Angela, i am 27 years old and i am a Nursery practitioner, i have worked in Child Care for 3 years now and love it. My partner is 36 and works for Scotrail as a driver with 17 years experience in this. We have 2 young daughters aged 9 and 7 and we have been looking into emigrating for several years now, however, not had the finance to follow it through. We have tried applying for jobs through the internet but for most of these we need Australian citizenship. We do not know any other way to get to Australia. We would both be looking for employment in the job fields stated. Please can you help us with this!! We would love to be on the show, we watch it all the time when it’s on. We know moving to Australia is the right thing for us and our family, we just need the help getting there!
    Please consider us for the next series

  28. hello my partner and i have been trying to immigrate to australia for two years now, however, we have struggled with the process, it has always came to a dead end. We love watching wanted down under, and would love to be on the program. We stay in Glasgow, my partner is a bricklayer and would be looking for full time work, I am 33 years old and a full time mother of 4 young children, 11, 10, 6 & 3 however, i do have a SQA in medical administration qualification, which would help me get get work when i need to.
    We love Scotland but feel Australia would give us and our children a better quality of life…especially with more sunshine and heat!!!
    Please consider us for your program,
    Regards, Lynnette and John

  29. My husband and I have been watching wanted down under and love it!!! It looks great and we have been talking about moving abroad for a couple of years. We have 3 kids aged 10, 8 and 6 who would love a warmer climate. I am a hairdresser (38) and my husband is a company director (39), we would love to experience a new life in Australia , I would need to work part time and my husband would need a full time job. What is a bit scary is moving away from family and friends and being on the other side of the world. We live in Auchtermuchty in Fife at the moment , it is a nice little town but much needed is some more sunshine. As my husband owns his own company, he works long hours and would like more time to spend with us! Please consider us for the next series of wanted down under and it would give us an idea of the aussie lifestyle.

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