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Wanted Down Under – New Series from the BBC

Wanted Down Under From The Bbc

Wanted Down under is a new TV series being aired by the BBC in the UK. I’ve not seen any of the episodes myself but it sounds pretty damn interesting and I’d love to hear from anyone back in the UK who has seen this program.

Wanted Down Under is touted as a 20 part TV series where the shows producers take people who are thinking of moving to Australia, out to Australia for a week.

The families spend the week getting to know Australia, the lifestyle and some of the challenges such as job and house hunting (the latter of which is something we know a lot about). They are even given the opportunity to partake in regular common Aussie activities such as “petting kangaroos” !

Before we moved out here to Australia, we watched a similar series called “A Place Down Under” which followed the early life and times of families who had recently moved to Australia.

Wanted Down Under S11E04 Hedworth Romaine (Melbourne 2017)

In the main, I found that A Place Down Under followed the emotional journey associated with such a big move (relationship issues etc) but one thing I loved about the program was the fact that it was the first TV show I’d seen that gave us a great glimpse of what living in Australia is actually like.

I hope those of you who got the chance to watch Wanted Down Under got as much out of this series as we did of similar programs.

I say for those of you who got a chance because for some reason the program was aired every week morning at about 9:15am! As the program seems be covering the journey of skilled migrants, it’s surprising that the BBC decided to choose such an odd time slot (when most skilled folks would be grafting away at work).

The production of such a big (and likely expensive) series is quite a bold move by the BBC but I wonder if there are more ‘moving to Australia’ type programs starting to appear on TV.

It could just be that you may be becoming more aware of the existence of such programs because of your own interests in moving to Australia

Another one of life’s little mysteries I guess!?

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia. Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assistance. If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Community Forums. Please note All information provided on Getting Down Under should be considered in conjunction with our disclaimer. Please seek professional advice if you have any doubts! 

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  1. It seems to me that the production of this series is deliberately excluding the black race altogether. I’ve been watching and noticed that there’s not a single African person in the whole series. So, what message does this send? Are there no African people in Australia? Is prejudice prevalent there. The BBC has always been equal in the past. But after watching this I’ve begun to rethink. What message does this send to my interracial children? To all my ethnic friends? Are we welcome in Australia?
    Just posting my observations..

    • Hi Susan, there are plenty of people of African decent living in Australia and you’d be made to feel very welcome :)

      Racism does exsist within Australia, especially towards the indigenous population (Aborigines) however I’d suggest it is significantly Less prevalent then it is in the UK.

      Don’t let it put you off :D

  2. Having watched all the previous series and also enjoyed two wonderful holidays in Australia in the last 5 years we are left a little disappointed by the new series, so far. It would seem from the first three episodes that the families have too much baggage in the UK to really want to make the move and are not being given the same opportunities as previous candidates. I think some them are just on the series for a cheap holiday. In the other series they had the option actually visiting the different locations, potential properties, jobs and other ex-pats. This time they are placed in either town, country or coast and that is it. Giving them the chance to view the different options I feel would open their eyes to the wonderful chance they are being offered. The new presenter Nicky Chapman was obviously flown out to Sydney when the series was completed with 20 changes of outfit, a script and a few different Sydney beaches were used to complete the links. She would appear to not even meet the the families.

  3. Hi we were the Jones family on the first series of Wanted down Under and the revisited, my husband is the carpet fitter. We have been in Oz for over a year now and are all loving the life Oz has to offer us. My husband works as a self employed floor finisher (carpet fitter) and I have set up a relocation company called gold coast relocations helping other migrants moving to the Gold Coast area of Queensland. We have all settled as a family and would just like to say to anyone thinking of doing the process to do it, don’t just sit and think about it , it was the best move we have ever done

    Sarah x

  4. we love the program we are also thinking of moving out there as i have a big family downunder would love to find out more about relocation to austrailia.
    we have four young children both good job’s.

  5. My family and I are looking into moving to Perth. My husband is a Finance manager and we have two children 4 & 6. We would love to experince going for one week to test run so we are waiting for your call!

    We have watched several episodes and feel the programme targets the key areas everyone wants to know about. However there is never any follow up episodes. To see if people have really moved or chose to go home would provide people with even more info and prove that Oz really is the place we all think it will be for us. Or not maybe in some cases.



  6. Hi,
    i have been watching this programme now everyday for the past week. Me and my family are hopefully emigrating to Australia and are currently awaiting our visa.

    At first i thought the programme was really interesting and good advice for people thinking about emigrating. However, i now find it rather repetative. The show doesn’t actually tell you alot about the more useful things to know for example the Skilled Occupation List, full medical examinations including chest x rays and blood tests, the costs of medicals and visas as well as police checks, the cost of removals to australia (a container costs around £3000 pounds!! and you will not recieve your belongings for 6 weeks after that).

    Only after the sixth episode it mentioned stamp duty and on another episode it mentioned child care once. I just think that more detail is needed on the show for example local taxes, fuel, cost of living, cars etc.

    As me and my family have had to go through all of this and spent an awful lot of money and yet no guarantee that our visas will be accepted, i just thought it would be useful for other people to know what they are getting into first and consider the cost and other issues.

    Many Thanks


  7. Hi,

    After watching your show on the BBC, this made me realise that there maybe another part of the world where we would like to possibly settle. Me and my husband are a newly married couple and often we have spoke about emmigrating to another country. (Canada was our main goal) This program gives us the opportunity to give it a chance before we have children and commiting to a mortagage.

    My husband is a professional Graphic Designer and I am currently unemployed after being made redundant from my job where I worked for 8 years. I believe this would be a great opportunity to do I now than before settling down and starting a family..

    I will look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Panna Parmar

  8. Hello,
    My husband and I love the series Wanted Down Under.
    We were £10 Poms in 1971, with our son Terry.
    We stayed at Glenelg Hostel South Australia, until we had a
    house at Christie Downs.
    Australia was and is the land of opportunity, as long as your
    prepared to work,
    We are forever grateful to Australia, for making us the people
    we are.
    George was a plasterer and I was a Nurse Assistant, we achieved
    much in the three and a half years we lived in OZ. Some of our
    friends are still in Australia and have done well.
    I unfortunately promised my Mother I would see her again, and
    she became ill so I felt I must return to Wales, and we returned in 1974.
    Mum died three months later.
    Then I realised what a mistake I’d made.
    Still life is a experiance and we must be grateful for our time in Australia.
    It taught us to stand up and make a go of things.

    We visited South Australia two years ago, saw our former home at Christies
    downs, and some of our friends it was amazing.
    We have two beautiful grandchildren so we are very fortunate indeed.

    Good luck and fortune to all of you who emigrate to OZ.
    Yours sincerely,
    M.Martha & George Lowman.

  9. Hi ive just watched your programme on bbc im goin in january and im wondering if u could put me in contact with people who are goin or are there so i get to know people especially british people thank u

  10. Hi Adam,

    Thankyou for sharing your families story with us, I shall look out for the ‘Robinsons’ episode! I love the programme & I cant wait to get my family to Australia.

    I have written many emails to the show trying to apply, but didnt recieve so much as a ‘thankyou for your email’!

    Mayby they had anough applicants? But I still think it was a little rude not to even reply!

    Kind Regards, Kelly.

  11. I have watched both series of Wanted Down Under and they hav definately given myself and family very itchy feet. What with all the happenings going on in this country it makes me feel scared for me, my children and our future in this country so cant wait for the new series!!! Maybe this time next year we will be there


  12. Hello, my name is Adam, i’m from Northamtonshire. My parents are appearing in the next series of Wanted Down Under, as they are looking to move out there in the next 18 months. My mum grew up as an Australian after her family emergrated as part of the ‘£10 poms’ exercise in the early 1960’s, which was a huge plan to fill jobs, and improve the population/economy with a big influx of foreign people.
    My mum’s parents unfortunately split up 12 years after the move, and her mum decided to leave during the middle of the night, and come back to England. My mum was about 12 years old when she came to England, and with her dad remaining in Australia she never saw him again.

    30 ish years later after my mum now having her own family of 4 kids and a perfect husband in the uk, she decided she really wants to move back ‘home’ and with 3 of her kids now grown up, living in thier own homes, she has been very encouraged to make the move while she can. On top of that, and during her research on the country, she stumbled on a website that had a picture of her dad on the front page! She has now tracked down her father and has over 30 years of life to catch up on.

    My mum said from the second she stepped off the plane into England, she always wanted to go back, and with the uk going in the direction it is, its certainly not suprising she feels that way. She has worked her way to the highest graded nurse possible (currently working as a drugs and alcohol rehab nurse) yet she is still not benefiting financially as she should from her years of hard work.

    She is hoping that Australia will provide a better standard of living, a better future for her youngest son/my brother (2 years old) who ironically is named Ozzy!!
    and a possible future for me, my other bro, or even my sister down the line. Who knows?? I’m a singer, and for now i need to stay in the uk to further my career.

    Its an amazing story though, which is why the BBC are very excited to start filming during this summer 2008. Its a dreadful shame that the programme is aired at 9am, whilst everyone is at work, it should be PRIME TIME viewing, especially as it is not an average low budget daytime show. Maybe we can voice our opinion to the BBC?


    Adam. xx

  13. ooooppps i forgot, i have narrowed it down to perth or gold coast(i know a huge differance) if you have any advice or information that might help me decide would be greatly apprieciated.

  14. hi mark its me again.thanx for advice about using the visa agents.if i were to start the process on my own where do i start,(who do i get forms from?) is it true that you need a lot of money to be elligable?
    we are going to get rid of all debts in the mean time and my partener has started training to be a plumber/gas man.
    Also do you think it would be wiser to get married before we start filling in forms for visas as we were going to get married when we got to oz.
    would be greatfull for any help on the later.
    hope you are well

  15. my husband and I have been looking into living in Australia, we have 4 young daughters and would really like for us all to visit so they could see what it is like.There ages are 12, 9, 8and 4. I went there in 1990 and always hoped to go back , now with the thought of living their would be really good. Hopefully we will be considered for this and look forward to hearing from you.


    Rosemary Browell

  16. hello i am a 29 year old hairdresser who has a young family and am seriously considering re locating to australia have just recieved my first bit of paperwork for my long journy ahead of us!!
    realise that its a long process and thats if you get accepted, but its such a big gamble when you have never been there!! have watched the show wanted down under lots and would like the opp to apply to go on the show can you help?? please thanks

  17. Hiya my name is hollie and im a 14 year old girl and my parents really want to move to austallia and im having second thoughts i have been watching your show every day and trying to get an upside to moving there byh watching other peoples thougts and reactions i would really like the chance for me and my family to appear on your show to see if it would give me a better out look to moving there because i want to see if i would really miss my family and friends and see if it would be easy to move away from my life style.

    if any body could give me any imformation about how to get on the show that would be fantastic

    Hollie x

  18. Thats not very nice Steve. You’ll probably need to be aware that a Criminal history will actually stop you getting into Australia now :)

    Still, I know that there are a minority of Aussies who would prefer to avoid the poms, at the end of the day though we are contributing to the Australian economy by providing skill sets which can’t be sourced locally :D

    BTW guys, Steve is not a typical Aussie. Most are a little more welcoming and friendly ;)

  19. Are BBC licence payers, paying for this program or is it the Australian immigration board. I hope the latter. We didnt hear so much about people wanting to emigrate to Australia when we had a tory government supported by the press. Of course the papers want to sound off they dont like labour governments in the UK, dont be misled the UK has a lot to offer, thats why thousands of Aussies are living here!!!

  20. Hello!

    I’m a third year University student based in Birmingham and after a trip to New Zealand i fell in love with the place and know that i want to live there….I can’t stop thinking about it!!

    Anyway i’ve been watching the series which does seem to offer good help and many things to think about in terms of moving to Australia/New Zealand (as it also covers NZ)….Especially the fact of leaving family and friends behind. However i find the programme is too produced and it’s almost the same programme everytimg you watch it (but thats probably my Media & Comms studying coming through).

    I would love to move to NZ but i am wanting to work in Radio and believe that the industry out there wouldn’t be easy to get in to!?…

  21. Hi Mark thank you byour website was very helpful. for the past 7 years i have been looking high and low for options to go to melbourne having lived there in the past….but it seems so hard….:-( our only option there is through a job sponsor….Mark would you be able to tell me if you know of any websites that deal with employer sponsorships? any help advice will be much appreciated. Thank you


  22. hi mark.well im just obsessed with the program.dont miss it.i lived in NZ for a year when i was 15 yrs old and got bitten by the bug and have felt empty since i left and swore to raise my children thier when i had them.well i now have 2 kids 10 & 6 yrs and until now have just plodded along and just surpressed my longing to go back,until now.the program has reawakened the longing to go back,and ive just convinced my partener that its the best thing for all of us.but am now considering austrailia insted because i have a cousin there and thought its probably best to have at least one near by.and that maybe the oppertunitie maybe better for the kids and jobs (correct me if im wrong).i did fill in a form with to see if im elligable and i passed but not sure if they said that just to get me to have them sort out visas and such? can you please addvise if any person you know has used them and are they good at their job ? also whats the going rate to pay for this kind of service?
    hope to hear from you,much apprieciated

  23. Hi my name is Hannah, I am a qualified nurse and work within a busy a/e department in the midlands
    I have been considering moving to Australia for the past 2 years, and have been watching Wanted Down Under and you could give me the opporunity to discover more about the Country I would like to work in.
    I have considered both Perth and Brisbane, but this is only due to what i have seen and read about the areas and the AE departments within these cities.
    I would be grateful for any opportunity you could give me in trying to accomplish my dream of moving to Australia

  24. hi my name is lori i am 30 years old and really interested in taking in part in your programme. i am a qualified nurse and my husband is trained builder. we have two children and seriously thinking of moving to austraila in the near future i would really appreciate if you could contact me regading taking part in your programme
    thank you mrs lori hubbard

  25. Hi yeah have watched the program over the holdiay period. was very taken aback by it.

    We met lots of cousings from Melbourne in the Summer, and have been seriously considering a move.

    With three children, the future here is looking bleek. Alot of oppurtunities for them in Aus.

    would love to appear on program to test drive before making decision final.

  26. We watched the program on 16/17-1-08. It was iteresting to watch as my brother(Not seen for 26 years) and nephew returned to NSW the beginning of January. He said we would love it over there, we know it would be a big step but as the UK is getting worse ,we are definitly thinking about it so programs like this are very helpful

  27. We applied to appear on the show during your last series, we did get one reply from you and then never heard anymore. We are anxious to visit Australia before we make the move and feel that your expertise would be an asset to us. The show is very informative, which is what you need when you are planning a big move like this.

  28. This programme is about families potentially moving to Australia or New Zealand.

    It does show the families’ decisions that they need to consider when making such a major move but they are essentially a vehicle for both the Australian and New Zealand tourist board, accentuating the positive in everything.

    I am currently trying to get a visa to work in New Zealand as I have a job already lined up, but because I have a medical condition, it is proving to be a VERY pains taking process. This programme fails to mention what the immigration requirements are for undertaking such a move and it needs to.

    I just hope I get my visa so I can contribute towards NZ’s economy and get to experience a part of the world I would would not ordinarily get to explore. Fingers crossed!

  29. Please could you let us know where we could get a copy of the series on Wanted Down Under 2007. We live as ex pats in Australia and have heard about it and would love to see.

  30. Sarah, thanks for taking the time to post here. I think the program has gone down very well (taking into account the number of comments).

    To all posters, feel free to join our forums to by Clicking Here. We are starting to build a nice little community and it would be good to see you all on board :D



  31. Hiya we were one of the families filmed on the WDU my husband is the carpet fitter.We have been to Oz a couple of times before and loved it. The BBC were great to work with and would love to do a follow up in the future. We do not get expenses to help with our move (I wish) but the experience was great. We will hopefully be moving to Pacific Pines in August if the house sale goes through ok .


  32. Hi, there was a family called Gary and Cal who went to the Brisbane area. He was a diesel fitter and they had two young kids. I have been on a site called and they are members (calngary). They moved to a place called Jimoomba, Qld. Would be good if they make a follow-up programme to see how people are getting on.

  33. Hello, my name is Teresa and i’m from Ireland. My husband is a carpenter by trade. We are currently making the move to Perth. I would like to know if anybody else has applied for the skilled imigration visa and got it. Q: How long did it take. Did you use just an agent or a Lawyer Agent, whats the difference or what would you advise.
    Hoping to move next year as soon as visas come through.
    We have three children, 16 yr old, a 10 yr ols and a 6 yr old.
    Is there anyone who has made the move with children these ages? and hoe did they cope with the move? Have seen a small peice od this programme and would love to see more, maybe the BBC would consider running this programme again at a more suitable time. Thanks.

  34. hi. Prefab homes were mentioned a fair bit on the show, but on searching Australian search engines for information on this, i haven’t found too much. any advice anyone? many thanks


  36. Hi Mark
    We r in the prosses of migrating and yes we watched the programk, as everyone said at a very stupid time of the day. What i would say is that although the program showed what a great place Australia is it made it look so simple just pack up and go. Wrong its a lenthy slightly costly exercise firstly passing the TRA then VISA medicals police checks none of which was explained on the show very misleading to those who dont know

  37. Hi all!

    My husband and I, watched most episodes of the show. We found it both informative and entertaining, it did seem to highlight a lot on leaving family and friends behind. But why go on the show or even think about emigrating if you can not leave them behind!?
    My husband is a plasterer and bricky by trade, but can do anything to do with construction. (clever sod). I’m a Teaching assistant, house wife, full time mum to twins, the list is endless!
    We have the emigration pack on the kitchen table, but are still undecided if to go or not, not sure which area would be best for us, as a family, work for my husband and me etc,etc…
    Can anyone give us the last few encouraging words of wisdom, or the best areas for families, and areas for our jobs?

    Michelle :-)

  38. Hi

    I missed this show but heard so much about it… does anyone know if it is going to be on again and when?

    I am a student bricklayer and cant wait to go to Australia.


    Joe from Cardiff, Wales

  39. Hi,

    I live in Holland and my husband and I watched the program, for me specialy it was wonderfull. My husband has the Australian nationality and we are going to move to Australia next year may. I never have been there but the woman follows the man (haha).
    By then my husband willbe retierd and Iam almost 60. We are going to live in Brisbane or that area. The program gave me more information because now I could see what my husband told me about the country.
    Ofcourse it want be easy to leave our family but they stimulate us and promissed to come and visit us. Some of them working at an airport so the costs are rather low. And we can come back on holliday every 2 years if we want to. It still is a big step but we are going for it.

    I just wanted to share this with you all.


  40. My husband will go there in September 07, and myself and the kids will follow in October. He has to find us somewhere to rent with a pool of course!!! in a nice area, and a nice school for the kids. So he has his work cut out!!!

    Just wanted to hear your thoughts on Adelaide and if you know anyone who’s been etc…


  41. Hi All

    We just recieved our Visa approval and moving out to Adelaide in Oct 07. Can anyone give us any info on Adelaide as i some of you i see have visited there


  42. Hello there, I have been watching the whole series of Wanted Down Under with great anticipation. I have tried to contact the series for relevant information.
    I am Migrating with my family in May this year. I need to know if anyone has information about work for a Plasterer/ Renderer. In the Arears as far as Sydney to Brisbane, Melbourne etc, can anyone help me.

    Much appreciated Sean hassett.

  43. Thanks for the feedback and comments Sheena

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

    I also used to work for a ‘major bank’ in the UK and there is work to be had in Perth if you’re looking for it :D

    Best wishes



  44. Hi Mark & Clan
    We have been avidly watching the “Wanted Down Under” series having also watched the “New Life Down Under”, “A Place Down Under” and anything else we can find !
    It’s good to hear that you made your move and are enjoying it … we have visited Oz ( Brisbane, Sydney & Adelaide ) and are planning another trip in May with a view to deciding on where we want to settle – Perth would be our first choice, but work for hubby is more difficult to get there apparently !
    We haven’t started the formal application process yet – hubby is a Diagnostic Radiographer and we have to wait for him to complete 2 years post-grad work experience before he can be accredited to work in Oz ! I work as an IT Project Manager for a mojor bank, so am hoping to transfer with them.
    As far as “Wanted Down Under” is concerned we have been disappointed – Some of the content has been interesting, and the houses are mainly gorgeous, as are the views, but it is largely Nadia Sawalia (?) repeating the same speil each time, a visit to Oz House, 3 houses to view, 1 day on the job and a decision taken by the family concerned. The rest of the show is taken up showing the emotional trip taken by the family ( which of course is important to them but not to us unfortunately ) :-(
    Keep up the good work with your website – those of us who are still “wannabee’s” find it all really helpful, as well as hopeful !!!
    Sheena, Andy & Alex

  45. Hi, I have been looking to move down under but have tryed finding a job it may be that I am to specialised I am a leather consultant, in leather goods, luggage, saddlery, harness, and uphoistery repairs, only in leather.Can you help

    Stephen Nicolle

  46. Oh and bbc they play the show here on sky t.v on the living channel, even though New Zealand is also down under im suprised that hasn’t been on the show, poeple seem to forget about this beautiful little county, which is rather a shame.

  47. Me and my Husband are from London, we left all our family and friends and good jobs, to live in Gold Coast Australia, we spent 4 years there and loved it, the poeple were awesome, very kind, funny people, met some lovely friends, that i’ll be mates with for life! mates good god im even starting to talk like them.
    I have to disagree with Lorna Wallace, i felt very safe on the Gold Coast and the Crim rate in aussie is not that bad at all, nothing like back home, I use to walk home alot after work alone, late in the evening and felt very safe. We went to New Zealand for a holiday not so long ago, and fell in love with the place, so thought we would give NZ a try, only a 3 hour plan trip from aussie and very cheap, its not far to go back and visit friends. New Zealand is so beautiful, not as warm as aussie, but love it just as much if not more, the kiwis are fantastic and very down to earth. Its not so hectic here and well me and my husband i think, will be staying here for good, its just wonderful. so don’t forget about New Zealand when you go to aussie, you may like this place better!

    Regards Vic

  48. Just wondered if you could let me know if you will be repeating any of the last wanted down under programmes, as I really wanted to see the last one on the Friday that showed Perth. Unfortunately my recorder was playing up, so I missed it.

    Many Thanks!

    Debbie xx

  49. after catching most shows through sky link or being at the gym, it has made myself and my family want to move to perth, w,a . we visited family this year dec 2006 for the 1st time. and loved it . very hot but not uncomfterble. my family have lived there for 20 years and would never come back to england, the lifestyle and oppertunities are so great. i loved wanted down under and would like to start a visa application or be part of a future show.
    thanx bbc

  50. hi, love wanted down under, watch it every morning. i was wondering if anyone knows what the background music is called, it goes sumthin like da dada da da dadadada da .. if any1 knows or think they know please let me know cheers x

  51. I agree with Jo Mills, the program is good entertainment but full of inaccuricies and gives you lots of false information. I have lived in Sydney and Perth and agree that housing isn´t as expensive as shown on the program. They´re just showing very extravagant houses and to me it seems that most of the people on the program don´t really want to move. And in the end they do all choose Australia over the UK! Strange, there was even a family who had tried living there before but the wife coudn´t stand to miss her family. Guess theý were in the program for a free trip down memory lane. Anyway, some more constructive information if you do consider to move Down Under, check real housing prices on and don´t worry too much about the snakes and spiders, they´re not everywhere and certainly not in the cities. Good luck to you all!

  52. Hi Georgie – Please read all of this post. We are not affiliate with this program – we are simply writing about it. Get in contact with the good folks at the BBC for more info on this program.

    Good luck on getting your parents on the next series (if they do one) :)



  53. hi,
    just on your website beacuse my parents want to so much move to Austrilla. They have been there twice but still cant find a place they like but with your help im sure that could?
    please could you get back to me with details of how they could get involed with this programme?
    thank you, and hopefully hear from you soon.

  54. Hi. It has been quite ironic that this recent BBC series has been aired at this time. Our application to emigrate to Australia is currently in and pending, but my husband has all the issues re family ties that I left behind years ago in Ireland and this series has shown that even with all the negatives nearly all the families shown have chosen Australia over the UK. His father has also viewed the series and I think it has helped both them and him over the emotional ties that can have a major impact on decisions such as this one. I am amazed however that most people who apply to emigrate have never been before. We made our first visit in 2005 and put off our application until we went and spent some time there. The next visit is mainly to gather a bit more information before we make the final decision. It does help having some family and friends out there.

  55. My wife is a primary school teacher and I’m re-entering secondary after a long-long break.Can anyone give us any information on the chances of getting teaching posts etc..and pay rates in Oz ?They don’t seem to want primary teacher so much. I’ve got a few driving convictions ! Also, we don’t know if we should pay one of these emmigration companies to help and advise.

    thanks for any help


  56. I have also been drawn in by Wanted Down Under which I must admit has made me want to take steps to move to Australia. I do appreciate that they are only showing the exciting bits and it seems the BBC want to get rid of us all out of this country, hehe. However, it is making me think hard. My head is in a mess because of it. I rang my husband on site this morning and said “Shall we emigrate to Australia?” and he was dead laid back and said “You’d be too scared of the snakes and spiders”. He has a very good point there.

    I have already imagined getting on the plane and crying all the way and continuing to cry for months due to leaving my mum, brother and sisters and I haven’t even talked about it properly with my husband!

    I might contact the BBC to get me out there for a try and pay my expenses (if they do).


  57. hi, my partner and i want to emmigrate to australia. he is currently doing a plumbing course at college which he will have completed by the end of this year with a nvq level 2 qualification. is this enough and recognised in australia. we cant wait to move but i dont know what the whole process is do we just apply for a visa which one and what next who can we talk to. hope u can advise us good luck thanks.

  58. Hi my name is Fran

    I watched your tv program last week about the dentist guy who wanted to move to Perth and that’s where me and my husband wanted to move to but the house price seem so expensive. Can you suggest someone that is as nice as that but a bit cheaper in everyday living.

    Thank you


    P.S FANTASTIC programm love it so much I would love to go on it but I read the email above saying you have to get in touch with the BBC.

  59. Hi mark

    We have been watching wanted down under and we have found it really informative.

    and has just encouraged us to start the ball rolling so that we can make the big life change.

    i hope that they keep the series going as it is excellant and as some one else has said that it would be nice to see it at a more convient time for example in the evening

    best regards


  60. Hi Mark

    Thanks for that – My husbands skills are required in South Australia – any info would be great!!
    We are currently getting together info for Skilled Assessment Application so fingers crossed!



  61. Lorna, where did you get this info? The only time when Australia had more murderers and criminals then England was when England shipped most of its convicts over here more than 100 years ago ;)

    Of course, there are going to be areas everywhere that are a little more ‘dodgy’ then others but by and large there is a lot less crime in Australia then there are in my other parts of the world, the UK included.

    I’ve been to many countries both on Holiday and business and I can honestly say that I have never felt safer with my family anywhere then I do here in Australia.

    keep in touch :D



  62. Hi Mark

    We have made tentative moves to emigrate to Australia – been hearing bad reports about Oz though – high crime rate, murders, drugs!! Is this just someone scare mongering? Can you advise???

    We want a better life for our kids but its a big risk to sell up and move – the negative comments we have heard about Australia have set us back a bit



  63. O dear! Perhaps I have been watching a different programme because the ones I have seen have been full of little factual inaccuricies, mis-pronounced place names and general silly comments. Eg. In today’s episode the host said said ‘the Aussies love their big garden fences’, refering to the metal garden fences. Well actually, it’s not about loving them it’s about them being fire retardant and protecting property. A wooden fence wouldn’t stand much chance in a bushfire now would it?! Maclaren Vale SA became Maclaren Valley and they seem to be choosing the suburbs closest to the city centers and then wondering why people are finding the property prices much higher than they expected. Well duh! Move out a bit further. It gets a bit cheaper then. I have lived in Sydney and Adelaide over the years and think the public transport from the suburbs is good and driving is OK too. This programme just seems to be highlighting houses with pools and how much family and friends are going to miss them if they go. They are also making too much of the fact that Aussie shopping is cheaper than in the UK . It seems cheap when you are converting dollars back to pounds but when you are earning dollars it’s not so good. All in all I think this programme is more about entertainment than education and if someone is really thinking of making the move I would look for other ways to get my information.

    But that’s just my opinion!!!


  64. This has been a great series for any of us who’ve ever been interested in moving ‘down under’,(apart from the peculiar time its aired). My parents were going to be part of the ‘£10 poms’ emigrating in the mid to late 60’s,but at the last minute my mother couldn’t go through with it, the thought of leaving family and friends was too much for her.

    Whats not too love about Australia, weather,houses,open spaces and outdoor living. What the programme does seem to emphasise,rightly so,is the trauma of leaving your family and starting again although it hasn’t seemed to deter the familie’s on the show. It would be interesting to see how many of them actually do emigrate and how they manage..there’s another series for the BBC!

    We’ve wanted to go for many years and could fastracked due to my husbands profession but it seems there is always something to stop us; our youngest starting junior school then its senior school, our eldest starting uni, parents getting older….there will always be something, so how do you make that break and when? When is ‘the right time’

  65. Hiya Mark. We live in Manchester and, wow what a program. I’m a hardworking Qualified Ceramic tiler and Joiner, and Zoe A qualified dental nurse. My older brother has already moved out to Townsville six months ago and my younger brother is following in the next couple of years.
    My younger brother works with me, and I’m self employed at the moment. The problem we have is, when Zoe goes off to work we sit at home waiting for the program to come on as it’s that good. Really running behind schedule now due to the time slot The Beeb chose!!
    Would love to star in it ourselves. Zoe is very reluctant to give her friends and family up and has not seen one of the programs yet.(Shes always at work then, as working folk are at that time.) I don’t have a facility to tape it and we keep telling her how great it is.
    It does show you the ins and outs of different cities in Australia. Anyone have any copies of the programme so I can show Zoe???
    So to sum things up… I agree a terrible time to air the program.
    But yes, what a great series. Me and my Bro are both glued to our seats.
    Would simply like to see Zoe’s eyes light up like ours at watching the programme.
    Anyway with the free for all with the prisons full over here now it won’t take long for this country to hit melt down now. It’s been happening for a long time slowly…it’s just speeded up.
    Have already seen it on the streets!!!
    Can’t wait to kiss Australian soil. XX
    And wave goodbye to England Myself.

    Kind regards

  66. Wanted Down Under is on at the same time 9.15am every
    week day morning which I have to say I thought was an
    odd time bearing in mind it is aimed at getting skilled migrants to emmigrate but as we are looking to emmigrate I am recording it. The good thing about the program is that is shows you houses, jobs and lifestyles in different parts of Australia, giving you examples of earnings, house prices etc.
    Does anybody know if the familys on the programme are
    being given money towards the move if they decide to
    emmigrate? I think they must be beacuse so far every
    family has chosen to go despite giving the impression
    that they definately wont.
    As you have already taken to plunge have you got any advice for those about to?

  67. Hiya Melanie

    Best advice I can give is Go for it!

    We left a secure job, good income, family, friends and lots more to get here but as you’ll read on the blog we are loving every second.

    Happy to answer any specific enquiries if you have them but remember to use the search option top right of this page or check out our forums here

    Best regards and please keep in touch, there are plenty of people here looking to help where we can :D


  68. Michael, I really wish we could help but our site simply shares our own news and advice on migrating to Australia for a new life down under. We are not connected with the BBC, we simply wrote an article on the new program ;)

    Suggest you contact the BBC direct to see if they are running a second series of Wanted down under that you may be able to be a bigger part of.

    Agree with you thought process though, that’s why we moved here. :)

    Also, check out our forums by clicking here if you need any further help or advice on where to start or simply reply to this article.

    Best wishes


  69. I have just strarted watching your show, and i’m very interested in this as this is something i’ve always been interested in but never got round to doing, though i love my country england, i feel that there is nothing here for my 5 year old daughter.

    I would love the chance to appear in your current show or future show, please help to make our dream come true.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future

    Michael melton

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