Wanted Down Under S10E15 Baigent (Adelaide 2015)

Wanted Down Under S10E15 Baigent (Adelaide 2015) - Wanted Down Under - July 2022

Wanted Down Under is a UK television series where a British family is given the chance to experience what their life would be like in Australia before deciding whether to make the move for good.

The families featured on `Wanted Down Under’ spend a week in Australia or New Zealand as a trial to help them decide whether or not to make the move permanently.

They check out some available homes in the country and see if the nation is a good fit for their lifestyle.

In the player above you can watch Wanted Down Under S10E15 Baigent (Adelaide 2015)

Does watching this video increase your own appetite for a new life down under? Let us know in our comments below.

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  1. watched a few of these and noticed a few when they looked at houses they were saying not enough light this is aus you need to keep the house cool in england you need to warm the place up just think