Wanted Down Under S11E22 Hanson (Melbourne 2017)

Wanted Down Under S11E22 Hanson (Melbourne 2017) - Wanted Down Under S11E22 Hanson Melbourne 2017 - Getting Down Under Wanted-Down-Under

Wanted Down Under is a UK television series where a British family is given the chance to experience what their life would be like in Australia before deciding whether to make the move for good.

The families featured on `Wanted Down Under’ spend a week in Australia or New Zealand as a trial to help them decide whether or not to make the move permanently.

They check out some available homes in the country and see if the nation is a good fit for their lifestyle.

In the player above you can watch Wanted Down Under S11E22 Hanson (Melbourne 2017)

Does watching this video increase your own appetite for a new life down under? Let us know in our comments below.

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1 year ago

I wish they would talk about bushfire risk, people need to be informed. I live in Melbourne, love the dandenongs but the bushfire risk stops me from living there (that's why the trees have black trunks!). Also stamp duty here is so expensive – 5.5% of purchase price plus another 7% if you are a foreign buyer, so needs to be factored into how much you can buy for.

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