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Wanted Down Under Series 3 – How to Apply for Wanted Down Under

BBC Wanted Down Under - How to apply for series three of wanted down underI had an email from Helen Crawley the researcher at the BBC who helped find the ‘contestants’ to appear on The BBC’s Popular Wanted Down Under Program.

She was writing to remind me that the advert I posted a little while back is now out of date (I’d imagine she was getting a little tired of the phone calls and emails so sorry Helen :( )

She has asked me to update the contact details. So if any of you folks are interested in appearing in the Third Series of Wanted Down under then you need to email the BBC at:

Helen was a little none committal though saying the BBC ‘may still need applicants for series 3 should we make one’ so keep this in mind when sending your emails off.

Having said that, with the popularity of the first two series of Wanted Down Under I would be very surprised if they don’t make a third or perhaps even a forth series.

So there you go folks, it’s official and you heard it here first (perhaps ;) ). If you want to apply for the third series of the BBC’s Wanted down Under program then email the BBC at the address above.

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Forums

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  1. hi, myself(keelin 26) an my boyfriend(john 28) are looking to emigrate to austrailia. i am a fully qualified hairdresser for 10 years an my boyfriend is a fully qualified joiner of 11 years. we live in douglas in the isle of man, i have lived here since 1989, im originaly from galway,eire an my boyfriend was born on the isle of man. i have a 10 year old daughter called courtney who is excited at the possibility of a better life down under! we are still unsure of which part of austrailia we would like to live an would need some help on this. we have both filled out the points system online forms an both have passed them but we dont realy know where to go from here. i would have a 3 bedroom house to sell here an would be looking for a property in austrailia for around £200,000.

    thank you

  2. Hi we are the Dade family made up of carl (37) Sam (38) Thomas (12) Charlie(8) and Tilly-rose (3) . We have thought for many years about moving to Oz with some of our friends already making the move and love it. We are both self employed Carl a horticultural worker (rose Grafter) he is also a qualified specialist baker. I have had my own photography business but we the present climate i have bulit up my self as a sucessful bebt collector..I have a HND in business studies.
    Thomas is at high school loves football and is in the excerlated education programe and gifted and talented in sport and education.. Charlie in middle school and loves drama and dance. Tilly well is tilly..
    We would love to take part in your next series. so we can finally make the move with some great help.
    thank you
    Sam , Carl, Tom, Charlie, Tilly-Rose

  3. hi there my girlfriend lynsey(28) and i(31) are looking to start a new life in australia, im a fully qualified electrician and lynsey a fully qualified hairdresser. i have my own electrical business in bradford, yorkshire and lynsey has her own mobile hairdressing business based in bradford. our ambition is to move to aus and start up my own electrical company and eventually open a salon for lynsey. i have previous experience of aus from 2002 when i worked as an electrician in sydney on a working holiday visa. we see the programme as the perfect opportunity to start a new life and start a family giving our children the best start in life we can.
    kind regards

    michael and lynsey

  4. Hi there me and my wife have considered moving to oz but find it quite daunting trawing through all the web pages on it,i am 37 year old roofer with 19 years experience my wife is 30,she is a house wife,but she already has lots of aunties who live in Brisbane and Melbourne and have lived in oz for many,many years,which she speaks to quite regular,we have 3 children there ages are 13,8,and 7,the eldest has been to oz with me and my wife 5 years ago and would love to go.

  5. My husband is due to retire from the Army in 18 months time after 23 years service (39 yrs old). I am a Secondary Design and Technology Teacher we have an eight year old son who loves the outdoors and is an excellent footballer. Both us our jobs (my husband’s trade is a Pharmacy Technician) are on the skills shortage lists and we are considering a move to New Zealand. Our families were both in the forces and are scattered all over and are enthusiastic about travelling down under to visit us and we have relatives (my sister and her family, also about to leave the forces) who would probably follow us out there too!! So we have very little reason not to go have spent years living and working overseas and visited oz. Only thing stopping us is having not experienced New Zealand, keen to try and would love the help to get down under. Fingers crossed.

  6. Good day to you all ,

    we are looking to start a new life in australia/new zealand we are currantly researching the both and there are a few differences in both my husband (matthew 42) is ready to up and go tomorrow although i am a little more reserved as i have a job i love and i am very close with my family we are planning a visit to new zealand in january i have a brother ,sister in law and there three children that live in australia and they love it it took them two years to get over there but they love it, we would love to take part in your programme iam 32 we have two children molly 14 and maisy 9 who are excited about the move and change in lifestyle

    looking forward to hearing from yourselves regards

    Rebecca Dewell

    • Hi, I was on the website for wanted down under and came across your comments. I just had to reply because it is the exact same situation as me and my husband. We have 3 children and my husband would up and move tomorrow but I am really worried. I hope your trip goes well and would love to hear how far you have got and the area you think suits with children.


  7. Our whole family would love to emegrate to Australia, we looked into this approximately 7 years ago, however the death of my mother 6 years ago and my father 2 years ago put a hold on our plans.

    We are looking for a new life as “our” family. We very much enjoy spedning time together its just getting it here and also the weather in which to do it. I am currently employed in the Private Health Care Sector as a PA and my husband runs his own contract cleaning company, however is also a telecomms engineer/rigger after working for BT for 11 years.

    We are not looking for miracles just a happy and contented family life with more time to spend with each other. Our new motto has to be work to live not live to work.

    We would love to relocate to Brisbane, my husbands sister currently lives in NZ and would also relocate should we get out there. We haven’t seen her for 6 years!!!

    IF you are looking for someone to go and be part of your programme please get in touch, we are hoping to be out there by summer next year.

  8. Hi,
    My husband and I really want to immigrate to Perth Australia. We are both over 45 so cannot pass the Skills Assessment. We looked for vacancies in Perth on the web site and found loads of Facilities jobs which is our expertise.

    We are both very hard working and believe we have a lot to offer Australia even though we are older. (Martin 57, myself 52) (We are young at heart and enjoy life)

    Martin’s dad lives in Perth as well as his sister. We are finding it so frustrating as we would dearly love to work and eventually retire there. (we are going to apply for migration through sponsorship and AoS means – wish us luck)

    Please can we have the opportunity to be on your show and help us achieve our dream? Over 45’s have a lot to offer as well you know!!

    Very much appreciated. Martin & Karen

  9. Hi my name is Debbie, my husband Robert and our 3 kids 5,9,13 would love the oppertunity to be on your show.
    we Have been thinking of moving down under for a while now but have no real idea how to go about it.

    As we only wont to do this once it would be great to have your expertise in the country , how to find jobs, house schools ect.

    we wont a better life for our kids and this seems the perfect place we did look at spain a few years ago but decided this was not for us.

    My husband is a floor finisher and we know this is a sought after trade down under i am a support worker for the elderly and disabled, so i hope finding jobs would not be too difficult.

    Please please help us fulfill this dream to give both ourselves and our kids the best start in our new life downunder.

    We are definatly going to do it it would just be so much nicer and easier with your help.

    Thank you

    Debbie Mcbride. x x

  10. Hi There,

    After spending about a year pondering on the idea of potentially moving to Oz, myself and my partner of 6 years have finally decided to take the plunge and see if it’s really for us! We are in our early twenties and are currently renting a really nice house in Nottingham but can’t help but feel tied down and enthusiastic about emigrating. I currently work as IT recruitment consultant and my partner is a qualified fitness advisor with hopes of getting into the fire service.

    We love the idea of having the opportunity to start a new life in a beautiful place and be different from the crowd! We have friends and family who are currently in process of relocating and we are keen to find out more and the best way to go about it. We think wanted down under would be a great opportunity to find out about employers, property and generally get the feel for life in Oz! At present apart from work we don’t have any major commitments and are looking to settle down and start a family of our own in Sydney!

    We are not really sure which visa would be most suitable for us?

    Please help us make a positive change in our lifes and really make the most of our future.

    Thank you,


  11. hi,
    my name is glenn barlow and im married to alison for 9 years, i am 39 my wife is 36, we ave two children 19, 17, we have been interested in moving to australia for a number of years now but our funds have not been sufficient to acheive our goal, now they are in place. i crrently work for the r.a.c. as a breakdown patrol i am a fully qualified vehicle technician i also have a class 1 licience which i am entitiled to drive articulated vehicles, my wife works for the nhs as a nurses assistant for a number of years she has experience in other fields of the medical industry.we have a mortgage on our home and would be able to acheive a mortgage of approx £150,000. all we do my wife and i, is work long hours to have a nice home and give the children all they need, but the time has come for us to spend more time with each other and to give chelsea and glenn a good start in life. we have searched the net for about 4 years now tring to decied what part of oz would suit our needsbut the country is so diverse its hard to make. we started watching wanted down under and fell in love with perth, the climate people, work prospects, for the whole family, and their outlook on life, also the culture, low crime rate, and too many more reasons to mention, we would love the oppoortunity to appear on your program and to experience a new life whatit would bring. please could yo help me and my family to change our lives fo r the better. thankyou for your time.
    glenn barlow

  12. my partner was born in wondi,queensland in 1972,we have 4 children and we have been trying to move over to oz for many years.
    my partner is a foreman/machine driver in a groundworkers firm and have all his tickets, but everytime we try to find out which visa is best for us we don’t get a straight answer.anyone who could help us go the right way, we would be very happy!

  13. hi my name is victoria cawte and im a single mam with a 6 moth old son dream is two have a better life for my son matthew and will keep trying till my dream prepared two work v hard and have quailfications in both dance teacher and fitness instuctor and have a relative living there can you please help me and my sons dream come true.

  14. Hi, I am 36 years old and my partner john is 41years old we have 3 boys aged 12, 9 and 6. I am a qualified midwife working 30 hours a week at present. We have been thinking of emigrating to Australia for some time now, and I was offered a job last july in the main city hopsital in perth, since then cant think of nothing else but to move out there. We would love to appear on your show so we could decide if Australia has the expectations we are looking for as we want a better life for our kids.Please help me and my family find a better life.
    Alison Woods

  15. hi, can’t believe i’m able to contact the show i love watching it i’m a big fan but i was wondering do you have to be from the uk to apply to the show as me and my family live in ireland at the moment but are interested in making the big move to australia i am 34 and my husband is 35 he would come under the skilled worker as he is a brick layer, we have four children all boys ages 2,3,6,and 13, very energic boys and we mainly want to make the move for them as in ireland there’s not much to do as the weather is always bad so ther’s nowhere to bring them and with the ressesion hitting everyone bad over here my husband got made redundant and is finding it impossible to find work so we would rent out our house for 12 months and rent in australia as we have never been there before and don’t know much about it only wat we’ve seen on the show and what other people have told us we have joined up with an agency to try get perminent visa’s but this will take anything up to a year please help me and my family look for a better and fuller life, thanks
    kind regards
    Edel Maloney

  16. Want to go to australia,
    My partner runs his own business
    We have 3 children under 8. I am a stay at home mam and we are not married. need help

    regards Pamela byrne

  17. me and my family would love to stay in australia i am a air conditioning engineer and my with is a dental nurse if you can help it would be lovely thanks can you get back to me
    regards bryan burrows..

  18. I am 34 and have two boys aged 9 and 11yrs, we have talked about moving to Australia for several years now, my boys are very much outdoor children and would love to get involed with all the sporting activities which the country has to offer, we enjoy the heat and living the outdoor life, although we have never visited australia before we would love to take part in your show to experience the different areas to live and view the properties and visit some schools etc and hopefully find a p/time job for me (mum)

    hayley colgan & Family

  19. My hubby (29) and I (31) and our 4 kids (14,13,10 and 6) are considering a move to Australia. My hubby is a water leakage technician. We really want to leave Britain behind for Australia. We are not sure where to start. We have been doing lots of research. We really want to do this and any help and advice would be gratefully received.We would love to appear n the next series as we have watched the previous ones and they have really helped the people on it. We would rent for the first six months until my hubby had settled in a job(he would need a job offer before moving out there) then we would hopefully get a mortgage for around £150,000. I hope we can achieve our dream so our children can have a better future.

  20. My family and I visited Australia in Oct 08 for two weeks to visit family , my daughter did not want to go at first but ended up not wanting to come home , my son also did not want to come home . We all fell in love with Oz and would like to emigrate, I said to my family over there I wanted to claim political asylum so we could have stayed. I would recommend going out for a holiday to make sure it is for you.


  22. my family and i have had our visas for eighteen months we went to austrailia in febuary and loved it. we want to go to adelaide but we cant sell our home please help us. anyone wont a house swap? clare x

  23. hi there my finance and i want to try it down under i am 19 she is 1 18 i lived in oz but i am trying to get her out there i have been here most my life and i would love to move back there but it is my finance dont want to i want to try and change her mind but i cant can you guys help me please thank you there is more ok thank you from andrew symons

  24. Hi there,
    please please would you consider us for your next series of wonted down under, we have two children oldest 5 youngest 2, my partner adam has already been and says nothing but great things about the place but unfortunitly i have not experianced it yet, he has alot of family who live in Perth, Poth kennedy. We have looked at forms but we still really need alot of help and would really really appreciate your help and support so please keep us in mind for your series 3..
    thank you natalie

  25. Please consider us for your next series of wanted down under. We are a family of four desperately trying to decide whether Australia would be a better place for us. I have family there already who would love us to join them but it seems such an enormous decision that we would be so grateful for an opportunity to have your guidance and advice.

  26. Hello
    Watching “Wanted Down Under” has rekindled a desire we had about 3 years ago to emmigrate to New Zealand. We went over for 3 weeks in 2005, and crammed in the North and South Islands, a bit of a blur, but unforgettable. At that time my husband was working on getting the correct qualifications, and now has them. The reason for emmigrating is cliched but honest, “A better Lifestyle” Our daughter is 10 and a keen athlete, but restricted by facilities and weather. We have our own home, but in the UK cannot expect to progress to anything bigger or better. A new land seems to offer opportunities which seem to have ceased in the UK.

  27. Hi there
    My partner and I would love to be considered for your next series of Wanted Down Under. We have been seriously thinking about this a while, and feel we have now reached a stage where we are ready to live and work in Austrailia, hopefully with some guidance from yourselves to achieve our families dream.
    We have a 14 month old daughter and believe that we could provide her with a better quality of life down under. My partner is a qualified and skilled Plant Operator of 11 years and I am a Communications Operator for West Yorkshire Police. Many Thanks :-)

  28. I have lived in Australia for one year in 2001 and i loved it so much i want to go back. I am married with no kids, work in a international bank , My husband is a web developer. We would love to come out to Australia and make the dream real.

    Thanks M&R

  29. Hi

    My family and I would love to be considered for your next new series Wanted Down Under.
    We are ready to work and live in Australia, but would need some guidance and help to achieve this family dream in living the outdoor lifestyle in Australia.
    I work as a Community Health Care Assistant and my husband is a qualified Painter And Decorator.
    We have two children age 14 and 11.
    Plus two lovely family dogs.

    Many Thanks

  30. The easy part is imigrating, when or if you decide to return then that can be very diffiicult indeed. Some coverage ought to be given to those you have returned home. We were in N Z for 7 years, returning to the U K with a family, no job, and no home, was very risky, difficult, and traumatic.

    The grass always seems greener on the otherside of the street, and a short visit is not enough to fully appreciate the differences, and difficulties. NHS being just one example.

    Perhaps you should add a little more caution to your prospective emmigarants.

    Despite our economic situation, and our politicians, we have been back home 31 years now and have no regrest at all.


    Every time the BBC shows Wanted Down Under we get quite a few folks leaving comments to our Wanted Down Under articles requesting to be considered for the next episode of series of the show.

    Please remember getting down under is not affiliated with the show. We are simply a site which helps support people looking to emigrate to Australia by providing free help and advice and a Community of like minded wannabe Aussies :)

    Please read the post at the top of this page which gives clear instructions on who to email for consideration for future shows.

    Thanks guys and good luck 8)


  32. me n my husband have been thinking about moveing to australia with r 2 children my husband is a roof slater tiler we r both 26 and r children r 9yrs and the other is 1 month and would love a better life for r young family and would love it if you could help us by considering us for any shows you may be doing many thanks

  33. As a family we would like to be considered for your next programme. We have been wanting to emigrate to Australia for a few years and now feel we are in a position to do so. I work as a special needs teacher in a primary school and my husband is a self employed cabinet maker/furniture restorer. We have two children aged 15 and 13 and they would love the outdoor lifestyle Australia has to offer. Your programme would help us to fulfil our family dream.

  34. we both have been watching wanted down under and decided we want to have a better life for our children .we have two lovely boys one 2 and a half and the other 18 weeks . we would love to move to south Austalia . iam a hairdresser been doing hair for 12 year .iam 43 and my parter is 36. and i have a 17 daughter .we would love to have some help to decision to emmigrate or stay in England.

  35. Hi, My Wife and I are currently looking into moving to Western Australia. We’ve just been married a year and are looking to start a family and we would like to give them the best possible start in life that we can. With the current economy crisis in the U.K. we both feel that Northern Ireland has got nothing to offer us and it’ll be even worse when it comes for us to bring up children. If we got the opportunity to go to Australia then I would very much consider joining the Royal Australian Air Force as I’ve had military experience with our very own Royal Air Force. My wife would look for an administration job in an office. We would both be very grateful if you and your team would consider us for the next series and give us the boost we need to fulfilling our dreams. Thanks

  36. Hi there my family and i are due to emigrate in January 2009. We have planned to start our new lives in Pearsall, perth,WA. We are both late thirties with two boys age 8 and 6. Would love to get some idea of what life would be like down under before the initial move. Would love to be considered for the new series if possible my husband is a tool maker and i am a childminder. Thanks

  37. my husband and myself feel that england does not offer much for ourself and family. We have a granddaughter who is just 3years we live by the sea in essex ,my daughter and granddaughter have a poor way of live and feel that there is no furture in this town which has no employment now so in the furture what will happen. we would love to move to australia with the next 2 years.
    hope to see you all soon


  38. Me and my partner have recently been watching an episode of Wanted down under and have confirmed that this is something we have both always dreamed about. A completely different way of life with a lot more opportunities for us and our gorgeous 2 year old girl. My partner is a diesel fitter and I work for a bank, we are both 37 years old and whilst we have not ever visited the likes of Australia or perhaps Canada, we would love to be given the chance to sample this life in order to make a decision to emmigrate or not. Please consider us on any future series of the show.

  39. hi, i am 15 years old and live with my twin sister and my dad. we have been thinking about moving to new Zealand for years now but we never did because our mother just left us which gave us a new start, which we belive would be best in new Zealand. my dad has been looking into moving and would love for our family to move there but we would need a little help from the wanted down under team to help us make up our minds! all my Fingers are crossed
    emelie de la hunty

  40. Hi, My husband and i are seriously looking into leaving britain and starting a fresh
    in sydney australia. we have 3 fantastic children, matt is a prison officer and i work in a childrens day nursery, we would both love to considered for wanted down under.

  41. Hi, i’m in the process of moving to Fremantle. I’m a 35 yr old Emergency Nurse and i will be taking my two children with me. At the moment i’m sorting my registration with the board of western Australia. I hope to finally move June 1st 2009. My house is for sale in Ireland, i cant wait to go honestly.

  42. Hi, It has always been my dream to move & live in Western Australia, I am a 33 year old gas engineer with a wife & 2 kids aged 12 & 2 years and feel it would be a great environment for my children to grow up in. We have already started the process of applying for Visas however we feel an oppurtunity like this, to be able to look at separate locations within WA would really help with choosing the correct destination and giving us every possible chance of making a go of it. Fingers crossed….

  43. they are showing repeats of the 2nd series that were aired in january on bbc2 at the moment.
    still good to watch, especially when they are in perth as that is where we would like to go, and it is our fave place to go on holiday.

  44. Hmmm i have emailed them today durrrrrr far too late the 3rd series as already started i love the programme i get butterflies watching it and have actually had tears after it as i am so jealous we not there , here hoping they do a 4th series.

    Mty husband was offered a job last june but are daughter was only 6 weeks old and we felt it wasnt the right time big regrets now, My husband and i love both new zealand and australia even tho we never been but everything comes down to money and at the moment we just cant afford a trip , then the papers and the security of having some monay to fall back on in a emergancy.

    Heres hoping we can win some money some where.

    sas n dougie ( Estate agent / Air conditioning engineer)

  45. Wanted down under definitely opens up your eyes to the exciting possibilities of life abroad. My partner and i would love to explore life down under as we feel its time to make a life together with the best opportunities for our 9 week old daughter…

    I am a prison officer my partner is a builder/engineer, Do these jobs come under jobs that are wanted/ shortfall abroad??

    Thank you

  46. I am interested if you are doing a 3rd series on Wanted Down Under. My family and I have considered moving to Australia for a few years but the time has never been right. My partner (aged 34) is in the building trade working as a dryliner and also has worked as an artexer since leaving school.

    We have an 8 year old son together and our preferred location would be to live in Perth as my sister-in-law and her family have recently moved there.

    Kind regards.

    Joanne Squire

  47. has anyone actually heard from the BBC to say that they have been chosen for a possible third series , or do you reckon it is too early in the year??

  48. Hello my name is Jude and i’m due to qualiry as a adult nurse this september. i am from the greater Manchester area and so far i have been unsucsessful with my job hunting. i have recently been on the new jobs bulleton and there are no jobs for newly qualifieds in september. After 4 years of study, i am struggling to support my family.
    However, the other side of the world has loads of positions available for a skilled worker (nurse) like myself to apply. Wow what an opportunity, we just need help to decide where is best and what would be ideal for our young family.
    My husband is an ex soldier who has all his driving catagories and we have a little boy who’s 4 years old and a 15 month old son.
    we would love the best opportunity for our family, so if there is another series to be made of your popular programme, we would love to participate of what would truly be life changing and beneficial for us. So please could you take our application to apply on board, as we would love to take part in Wanted Down Under.

  49. please consider me and my family to appear on the new series of wanted down under. my partner really wants to go but im not so sure and its causing us a lot of problems deciding this is our only chance as we cant affordto go there o see what its like. we have two daughters aswell.
    thanks claire

  50. Hi Have a 5 year pernament visa , first went to Brisbane 2005 – was a disaster homesick , industrial accident , pregnancy . Came back to UK with tail between legs after just 3 months. Regretted this a week later and dreamt returning ever since. Has bee n our dream x15 years.

    Mandy Sean Annabel and Amelia

  51. I applied on the 16 March and received an automated response back saying due to the high number of applicants they were no longer looking for contributors for the next series. They would however keep our details on file for consideration for a future series.

  52. Thanks for the email address for the bbc programme ‘Wanted Down Under’ I have just sent an email & am really hoping to hear back from them….Has anyone else heard back yet? Or is anyone reading this appeared on previous shows…Be great to hear from you! Kelly, Jay, Aaron & Jarred.

  53. sent an application e-mail to the bbc last week, and i got the same automated reply that i got when i first e-mailed them.
    will wait and see what happens in the near future.
    mark: it does seem odd that some people have not read your posting clearly.
    it was through this site that i found out about a possible series 3.

  54. Sometimes I’m left wondering if you guys are reading a different post to me :)

    All the instructions are in the post above. To confirm:

    If you are interested in appearing in the Third Series of Wanted Down under then you need to email the BBC at:


  55. Hi Chaps
    As a family we would like to emigrate to a place such as Australia or New Zealand. Doing what I do appears to be a draw back in as such that there does not appear to be an opening or a position of employment for such a trade, either that or that you have to be a citizen of Australia in order to obtain such a position.
    Please would you consider us for your programe

  56. hi guys
    myself and husband have been thinking of emigrating to australia with our 10 year old son from dublin ireland. my husband is a painter & decorator and is finding it hard to make a living here so we would love to get some advice on work and housing. please consider us for your programe.


  58. hi
    my name is paul savage me and my family have been talking about a possible move to austrailia for a better way of life for our two lovely children as i think england have lost the plot, We are being rip off with high council taxes and food prices soaring, Iam a qualified electrician and know have been made up to contracts manager running a small depot of about 15 electrician my wife is a qualified chef as well as a mother to our children,please can you help me i would love come on your programme thankyou.

  59. Hi,

    We have three lovely children ages 10, 13 and 15, we have been watching the series ‘Wanted Down Under’. We are very interested in moving to New Zealand and have been for quite some time. We would be very interested in becoming applicants on the next series. Hope to hear from you ASAP so we can let you know more about our family.

    Thanks Zoë

  60. My husband who is a joiner has been wanting us to consider emigrating to Australia for a couple of years now as he firmly believes that we would be able to provide a far more better quality of life for our 5 year old daughter. I have many reservations as I believe I would find it difficult to leave my family behind. We have been watching Wanted Down Under and would seriously like to be considered for the next series.

  61. me and my husband and our 3 children need your help we cannot decide on austraila or the usa so can you help us make this decion

  62. Would love to appear on your show. Our friends emigrated to Perth Australia 2 years ago. I would love to give my family a life they deserved. Sounds fantastic. Please give us this chance to see if this is the life for us. It is for our friends, they kee telling us how they have no regrets and a better life fr themselves as well as a better education for their daughter. Would love to travel to Perth as our friends ARE there. Thank you. We are serous!

  63. I would like to come onto your programme with my family because we want to live in Australisa. We have sent of forms to immigration but I have never been to the country.

  64. Hi,
    My husband and lived in dublin for a while and moved back to scotland,but find that were not settling and we have always always considered immagrating either to Australia and recently new zealand please help us as we desperite to make a decision but need help we don’t have kids just two german shepherds cris a hgv driver and i’m a sales rep so pleae please we need help,sharon & cris

  65. Me and my husband have registered our interest online to immigrate to New Zealand. As we feel that this would give our children, Dominic 7 and Emily 5 a better start in life, with a better life style for all as a family.

  66. My husband and I have just started our visa application to live in Australia however, we have not visited Australia as a family before as we now have a 16 month old daughter.

    The majority of my husbands family live in Australia and I feel my daughter would have a better future.

    Should there be a series 3, please consider us.

    Many thanks
    Heidi Buchanan

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