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Wanted Down Under Series 4 back on the BBC

Wanted Down Under makes a return to the BBC with Series 4 Being aired this Monday at 10am on BBC 1.

I think this is the first time that Wanted Down Under has made it’s way onto BBC 1 with the last few series being relegated to obscure times of the day on BBC 2.

For those looking to Migrate to Australia, wanted down under has proved to be a very popular series to watch and I’d really love to hear your views of the latest Wanted Down Under series  if you’ve seen one of the programs which has gone to air so far?

Unfortunately I can’t watch the new series from down under and BBC’s iplayer is also out of bounds for us non-Brits.

Still, I’m already down under so perhaps I shouldn’t moan to much ;)

The fourth series of the show is due to be shown at 10am on BBC One each weekday and will last for 20 episode, each one focusing on people who have decided to up sticks and move to Australia or New Zealand.

Written by Mark

As the founder of Getting Down Under, Mark is passionate about demystifying the process associated with a move to Australia.
Having launched Getting Down Under in early January 2006 and made the move to Australia from the UK in the same year, Mark continues to share resources and support for those looking for assitance, Getting Down Under.

If you have a question for Mark, please post in our Forums

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  1. Enjoy wanted down under, but would love a Canadian version, seems to be just as popular a destination but nothing to give you a small taste of what its like.

  2. Hi there

    I hope to move to Australia after I gradute university in 2015. Im going to be studying Youth and Community Work.
    But im wandering if this is a job/career which Australia wants and there is a skils shortage.

    Just wandering if I could move down under with that degree and experience surronding that degree etc

    Many thanks

  3. We really want to move to Oz, we love watching WDU and WDU revisited. So interesting getting snippets from different places in Oz. My partner is a refrig Engineer and hopes there is lots of work over there. Were getting married next year and want to emigrate the year after 2012

  4. saw 1 revisited where a woman who had gone out to brisbane had started her own house letting/leasing agency anyone tell me the company name plz my cuz out there wants to lease her house out or could someone with the programme help

  5. Hi all,
    I just want to ask a question to the people who lives in Australia.
    Does anybody know how Latin American people are recevied in this country?
    Thanks in advance!

    Kindly regards,

  6. I’ve emigrated to Australia twice- the second time 30 years ago. WDU is interesting, but the format makes it very unrepresentative of real live. Why not Sydney or Melbourne- much more representative than Cairns or Darwin. Most migrants move to the biggest cities.

    The new houses in very limited new suburbs are not representative of the much more affordable houses that can be found- at least for a first home in Australia (if that is your price range). Also of course the fall in the value of the pound in the last two years and rise in the Aussie dollar- has changed the equation on salaries and houses.

    Its true that supermarket costs are now more than the UK (diferent to a few years ago). And some things are more expensive. But many things such as fuel and utility costs are cheaper in Australia. Wages are about the same for many jobs. Overall living costs and how far your money goes is similar to the UK. Health care and education can be more expensive in Australia (if you go private) but free public health in Australia is good.

    Overall the series shows that you don’t move to Australia (or NZ or Canada) to get rich. Friends, family and your work are the three critical factors. Unfortunately showing the beach in every linking shot panders to the British stereotype- its not all like that- and there is more to Australia than sports and beaches (but good for that if you like it). Culturally Australia offers a lot, especially in the capital cities such as Melbourne or Adelaide.

    Its a different equation for most families. It would be good to see the show break out a bit for the fomulaic limitations. Cut out a few beach scenes and most importantly lets see a few houses apart from new showhouses on new estates.

  7. Further to my negative comments the other day, I must say I am enjoying Wanted Down Under – Revisited. It seems to be far more realistic than the series just finished. The homes they get taken to see are much closer to their price bracket. Todays family ended up in Adelaide which makes a change from Darwin, Cairns and Perth. There are not so many stupid comments that are only there to make the program appeal to the mindless many who have to have dramatic happenings rather than just ordinary good life events. e.g. the crocodile sign in NZ last week at the river they were boating on – there are no crocodiles anywhere in the whole country so why photograph that sign and put off the vulnerable children?

    I shall be watching more “revisited”‘s

  8. Why is the BBC promoting Australia and New Zeleand, what is wrong with Promoting “GREAT BRITAIN”. After all the BBC belongs to the british public, so come on BBC start promoting Great Brittain as the title tells you it is a Great country. Australia is not called GREAT Australia for a reason, it is still a colony that is to far away from everything and has very backward views and skills.

    • Karl must live in Cockoo land, neither Australia or New Zealand are backward, it is the U.K. that is backward in Health Education,Sports and Recreation, living standards and opportunities for the younger generation.
      What has the U.K. to offer school leavers, a life on the Dole, some children have never had a job since leavng school, many children are aware of the situation and are trying to remain in higher education, but are being turned down by universities,so no hope for the future.
      Great Britain does not get its name from being GREAT, but from the fact that there is a Little Britain in France.
      This country has been brought to its knees by Politicians and the Great Britain public hae stood bye and watched it.

      • James I do not know if you have ever spent any length of time in Australia and from what you have written it would appear you have a stereo typical view of the place, if you need medical treatment in Australia is costs a small fortune, groceries are more expensive due to lack of competition, fuel prices change on any given day due to no regulation, the first time house buyer has been priced out of the market, salaries have not increased with inflation, the rental market in out of control due to lack of properties, the infrastructure is not there to support the growth, do I really need to carry on here? I think not!!

        Drugs and alcohol abuse in the young is far from under control, when you look at the country community you will find unemployment, drugs and drink is rife within these communities.

        I will take “Great Britain” over any other country!

        • Wow Karl – where are you living – because it sounds bad – get out of there now.
          I am Australian – born and raised in MeIbourne lived in Uk for 3 years and have returned to live inear Joondalup in Perth for past 12 months.
          There is certainly drugs and alcohol amongst youth in both countries. Prices are pretty good at Asda and Tescos but you can certainly find bargains here too. Markets are best for freshness and prices.We have a great quality of red meat and vegies (can’t beat Uk for Pork). The weather in Perth just beats UK hands down. No contest. UK has great quality of life if you are on a good wage and can holiday in Spain for the winter but for the ordinary family its pretty tough keeping warm. Here is a real estate link for anyone wanting to see the real price of homes in Australia. Good Luck

    • Promote GB are you having a laugh!!! I used to be really proud to be british but I no longer feel that. Everything that you associated with GB is slowly being ruled out. Were always getting told what we can & cant say incase we upset other cultures residing in OUR country.Were British but were not allowed to be.This country has No backbone & worries too much about the people coming to live here. Shouldnt they fit into our life style & not try to change it, If I moved to another country I would have to abide by their rules to fit in. It makes my blood boil this country…….

  9. I have watched most of the current series of Wanted Down Under and am very unimpressed. Everybody has been sent to Darwin, Cairns, Perth or Auckland. There is a lot more to Australia than those 3 cities and a lot more to NZ than Auckland. Auckland has over 200 suburbs but somehow two programs both had the people staying in Waitakere. One of the couples wanted countryside, Waitakere is the least countrified suburb in Auckland, it is nearly all bush.

    The Australian houses they get taken to are not representative of what is available in their price bracket at all. They all seem to be new builds or nearly new builds in fancy areas. What about the older, more affordable houses?

    One guy had relatives in Melbourne, so where did they get sent? Perth. This does not exactly help the couple make up their mind. Perth is nearly 1700 miles from Melbourne so is further than London to Moscow!

    • I watched that one & thought it silly that they were sent to Perth instead of Melbourne, I thought they would have settled more with a people there to help them get settled in. Plus I agree they show them houses that are always out of their price range, Why! To P**s them off? Your cut off the rest of main areas if you go to Perth so Its a long haul to move if you dont like it….

  10. I know this comment is not about Australia, but what about other options?, ie Canada, USA etc, my Husband and I are looking into Canada, the skills required for Australia are different to the skills required for Canada please let people know it is not just about Australia there are other options. We have already made the move from UK to Spain, and believe me it is not the dream that people think it is, we have been here for six years and are now looking to move to new horizons (especially English speaking horizons!!), one thing we have learnt over the last few years is that the world is your oyster!!!! Life is a new adventure, giving you new opportunities for the future. Don’t limit them to one area. We have lived in the sun for six years, but the opportunity that Canada can give us outweighs the sunshine for minus 20 degrees!!!! The Question is – “Opportunity for the future, or easy life?”- you decide!!!!!
    Thanks for reading this.

  11. Hi
    Enjoy the programme Wanted Down Under, but would love to see a follow up programme of some of these families to see how they are settling down (or not) and their trials and tribulations and, of course, successes. It doesn’t feel like real experiences without a follow up.

    • Wendy,has hit the nail on the head,without a follow up,we don`t know if people changed their minds,after making their choice.
      Also the host says “Another family will be moving down under”.
      What she should add, is “If the main visa applicant ,gets a job offer”.Without a follow up,it is just a nice holiday down under.

      • Hi Brian

        When we filmed the 1st WDU, we had to be so far down the process of getting our visa to be eligible for the show, not sure how it is now as me moved over in 07 so i have not really seen any other WDU from after that date, but you are so right, i have watched so many programs based on a similar thing and the only thing that is really annoying is that they do not show you how the families are doing further down the line.

        Hope you enjoy the revisited, and look forward to your comments

        Sarah x

    • Hi Wendy

      We are the Jones family on the 1st series of Wanted Down Under, which was filmed in 06 and aired in 07, my husband was the carpet fitter (floor finisher), we were revisited 2 weeks after moving here, and will be on tv on the 5th February for an update 2 years down the line of living in Oz, hope you enjoy it and really hope it has not been edited too much x

      Sarah x

  12. been watching the current series and have lost a bit of interest now. i think most of the families have been a bit negative in their outlooks except the family from liverpool who went to perth.i hope they get to go for good.

    most people rent for about a year before they even think about buying so showing them 3 houses for the show can give out the wrong impressions.

    it took my sister and her husband about a year before they bought their first house in ocean reef.

  13. Hi you can visit the BBC website and get a brief desciption of the shows.Then you can watch all of last weeks and this weeks back to back if youn want.Thats lots of Aussie Air time which I have enjoyed totally.Even though the property prices and cost of living seems expensive all the families(with a few exceptions-one husband who has a lot of explaining to do)have chosen Oz.Its so nice to see sun shine instead of snow.
    Wish I was there.x

  14. My daughter lives in Ocean Reef, Perth, Australia. When I was over their last year she told me that ‘wanted down under’ has been filmed ready for our screens in January 2010.
    I work and so unfortunately cant watch this programme but would love to catch the Ocean Reef show, on bbc iplayer. Can you tell me when it is going to be screened please.
    Many many thanks

    • Thereh as already been a show on Perth, i can’t remember the exact location within Perth.

      Best check out iPlayer now because the show has been on for a week now.

  15. In my opinion, the show will put alot of people off because of property prices. If a family has a budget of $300,000 for a house, they always show properties above that budget.

    I’ve looked on Australian Estate websites and can find nice properties in the region of $250,000 to $300,000 in the same area as the show.

    They also mention the cost of living is more in Australia compared to the UK, but they don’t compare income tax, tax on good. These things make it cheaper than the UK.

    • David

      Having lived in OZ for 10 years I can tell you now that the cost of living is far higher than it is in the UK, cars, food, gas, electricity, fuel, dental and medical, all of these are so expensive it is not funny.

      You are correct you can find properties for $250,000 – $300,000 however these are so far from where the work is it is just not a viable option to buy there.

      A question was asked on WDU the other day “how many people settle and stay here” they avoided answering that, there are so many poms comming back to the UK for many reason financial and family are usually the top 2.


  16. Hi

    I am missing the overarching strategy with these. Entice people to pack up and go to Aus, then when they want to go (and after paying of course), they change the migration admin priorities so a waiting period of 3 years apply. In those 3 years carreers change, kids grow up economies move. Do they inform the viewers of that… probably not.

    We have state sponsorship, but now we have to wait to 2013. Not very Aussie is it.

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