Wanted Down Under Series 9 – Ireland Family – Melbourne

Wanted Down Under Series 9 - Ireland Family - Melbourne - 5c74eae95297d p02h98p7 - Getting Down Under Ireland Family, Melbourne, Wanted-Down-Under


Series in which families try out life overseas. Teenager Bea is desperate to spend more time with her hard-working parents and believes Australia’s the solution.

The Ireland family agree they need to spend more time together – the only question is where in the world to spend it. With mum Nerys and dad Steve working around the clock, teenager Bea’s become convinced Australia could offer a better work/life balance and an improved quality of life. Nerys and Steve, however, aren’t convinced.

Bea’s mission to persuade her parents to move down under gets off to a rocky start in Melbourne when the family discovers their property budget won’t go far in a large city. Work prospects and a day sampling Australia’s lifestyle are more promising – but will that be enough to win Bea’s mum and dad around?

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