Wanted Down Under Series 9 – Pelan Gibney Family – Melbourne

Wanted Down Under Series 9 - Pelan Gibney Family - Melbourne - 5c74fc8cea870 p02g2331 - Getting Down Under Pelan Gibney Family


Series in which families try out life overseas. A sports-loving couple from different backgrounds are looking for a life away from prejudice.

Marty and Magz’s relationship has blossomed in a city where being from different backgrounds can sometimes cause issues. Now, the outdoor sports-loving couple are keen to make a new life away from prejudices, and Marty believes Australia could be the perfect place.

Starting again on the other side of the world wouldn’t be easy for Magz however – a previous move away from home saw her struggle with being separated from family. Spending a week in Melbourne, the couple discover Australia certainly holds appeal, but will that be enough to see Magz break the close bonds she has at home?

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