We have sold our house – no really!

Getting Down Under Australia

It seems like an absolute age since we put our house on the market with The Halifax (to be known soon after as the Crapifax). In fact, it HAS been an age. Nine months in fact!.

In this time we have had numerous offers made, accepted and rejected.

We’ve had offers from people really short of the asking price and offers from folks who, after having their offer accepted quickly found out that they couldn’t get a mortgage to pay for the house

Then we had the couple we wasted over two months of our life with. We were really confident that this really nice couple was going to come up with the booty. We had the surveys done and all was looking well until we found out a month before we were due to fly out that they couldn’t proceed due to ‘marital issues’.

Thankfully, the last couple who showed a real interest in our house who made an offer that we accepted just prior to moving out to Australia have come up with the goods.

This weekend, we exchanged contracts and finally completed the sale of our house. The relief associated with this sale is huge!!

It would have only been a matter of time before the cash we left in the UK to pay for the mortgage ran out resulting in me paying the rent and living expenses associated with a house in Australia, plus a mortgage for the house back in the UK out of the salary I’ve been earning in my new job over here.

Although manageable, I think it’s safe to say that this would have ultimately, left things a little tighter on the financial front then we would have hoped so the sale signifies the lifting of a big financial burden for us.

I think the lesson to learn here is when you get your permanent residency visa, make sure you allow an appropriate amount of time to flog the house before moving down under.

We always had this romantic view that we’d get the Visa’s in July, sell the house in August and Move out to Australia in September.

In hindsight we should have put the house on the market as soon as we knew that we had the Visa’s, Instead we waited over six months before putting our house up for sale naively thinking that it would get snapped up in a couple of weeks and then, off we’ll go!

In our defence it was the first house we had ever sold but you could still save yourself a bit of time by doing a little bit of research on the housing market in your area.

Speak to the local estate agents to see what the housing market is like in the area where you live.

Find out how much houses on your street selling for.
Are your expectations realistic?
How long are houses staying on the market for before selling?

If you have answers to half of these questions it will make the planning of the timings for your move down under a much easier exercise. In theory anyway.

As for us…More money for beer and barbies…..Happy days :)

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    Well done. Prior to us putting our application in we put our house on the market and a year later when we decided we wanted to apply to go down under we still hadn’t sold, infact we had had very few viewings as the market in our neck of the woods in South Devon was non-existant. Six months later and while gathering information for our application we received an offer and decide to go for it and buy somewhere with potential to generate more capital if we did move and if we were lucky find somewhere where we would be… Read more »