We own a house!

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Welcome Mat - We've bought a house in AustraliaIt’s happened, we finally own our own bricks and mortar here in Australia.

We got the call from our conveyancers that the settlement had been completed just after lunchtime yesterday. What a relief that was!

We picked the keys up and it felt so great unlocking the door and setting foot in our very own home for the first time.

The in-laws who are over from Sydney helping the missus out, post caesarean section also came to have a look and gave it the big thumbs up!

I know at the time it was an absolute pain in the arse but despite the masses of forms that had to be filled in for both the mortgage docs and also the conveyancers we found the whole thing a pretty straight forward exercise.

The conveyancers really earn there fees and we found the whole thing a lot less ‘legal’ than our experiences back in the UK.

Not less legal in a bad way of course, it just seemed so much easier and a damn sight quicker not having to deal with so many solicitors!

Having said that, we’ve not seen the final bill yet so I’ll cover off exactly how much it costs to buy a house in Australia for a later post.

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12 years ago

Congratulations on your new home, Mark !!

Must be a damn good feeling to own a home !! Reality might kick in when you look at the monthly-installments ;) Nevertheless, it’s a heady feeling all the same.

Cheers !!

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