We’ve seen our first Whales!

Getting Down Under Australia

Southern Right Whales off the coast of Hillarys Boat HarbourOK, so we’ve seen red-back spiders and plenty of parrots but last week we can add Whales onto our list of things that we’ve seen.

Junior had acquired 100 stars on his ‘star chart’ so we asked him what he wanted to do for a treat and his response was AQWA which is the Aquarium of Western Australia.

Located in Hillary’s boat harbour, it’s only a 10 minute drive away so we thought it sounded like a great idea.

On route to the aquarium we noticed the car park at Hillarys was pretty chocker and there were plenty of people looking out to the ocean.

There were quite a few boats around to so we assumed that there must have been some kind of boat show going on.

Once we got out of the car and looked where everyone else was looking we saw Whales!

I’d read that Whales travel up the Western Australia coast line as part of their migration and can be seen from the shoreline but I never fully appreciated how close these things got.

Three (what turns out to be) Southern Right Whales were literally less then 100 meters out to shore and I have to say my first experience of these majestic creatures was a breath taking one.

Quality!! :D

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