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What band 9 speakers do NOT do in the IELTS Speaking test

In this video find out,

– what band 9 speakers do NOT do in the IELTS Speaking test
– if you are preparing the right way for IELTS Speaking
– how not to miss a word spoken by the examiner

5 templates to use in part 1
Yes…, BUT
No…, IF

and loads of idioms including…

I get agitated
He drilled it into me
He doesn’t suffer fools gladly
I can’t be doing with it
It drives me nuts
It’s worth waiting for…

So yes, here are some great templates for you to practice and perfect your fluency for this part 1 topic, but what is it that band 9 speakers do NOT do in the speaking test?

Do you have your own IELTS Speaking Tips?

If you found the What band 9 speakers do NOT do in the IELTS Speaking test video useful and have your own tips to share, please use the comments below. Similarly, if you have any questions. Please share these below. As a community, we can help each other to learn together.

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IELTS Speaking Band 9 Sample Answer + Vocabulary

Written by English Speaking Success

English Speaking Success is designed to help you speak better English, give better answers and get a higher score on the IELTS Speaking test. It has IELTS Speaking TIPS, RESOURCES, LESSONS and sample answers. It is run by Keith O'Hare, owner of the Keith Speaking Academy. Click the link in the video to view Keiths channel on youtube or Click Here to view Keiths website

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