What band 9 speakers do NOT do in the IELTS Speaking test

What Band 9 Speakers Do Not Do In The Ielts Speaking Test - Ielts Speaking Videos - August 2022

In this video find out,

– what band 9 speakers do NOT do in the IELTS Speaking test
– if you are preparing the right way for IELTS Speaking
– how not to miss a word spoken by the examiner

5 templates to use in part 1
Yes…, BUT
No…, IF

and loads of idioms including…

I get agitated
He drilled it into me
He doesn’t suffer fools gladly
I can’t be doing with it
It drives me nuts
It’s worth waiting for…

So yes, here are some great templates for you to practice and perfect your fluency for this part 1 topic, but what is it that band 9 speakers do NOT do in the speaking test?

Do you have your own IELTS Speaking Tips?

If you found the What band 9 speakers do NOT do in the IELTS Speaking test video useful and have your own tips to share, please use the comments below. Similarly, if you have any questions. Please share these below. As a community, we can help each other to learn together.

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  1. I am fortunate enough to find you on you tube.. U r the best teacher..and now I believe I can also score the best in ielts..

  2. I love your sophisticated style of teaching,your speech instill confidence in me to speak better and above all your method of teaching make me feel like my father is gently helping me to stand and face the new world. Salute you gentlemen

  3. The nice picture which is on the door drawed my attention when i watched the video again it must be your daughter's drawing, right ? Anyway I remember it one of your live lessons .By the way all of your videos contain useful expression which is the most important factor why i like watching them.Thanks tremendously

  4. always enjoy a lot when studying speaking with Keith. I love Keith's videos :)

  5. My exam is in two weeks! I have been watching lots of helpful tips from your channel and practicing them. I hope I get a decent band score….
    Thanks Kieth!

  6. During the lockdown, in my line of work watching Keith video lesson

  7. having ielts in 22 days. will let you know my result, following your instructions.

  8. 5 Simple Templates+A1:B13
    Yes But
    Yes That Said
    Yes Unless
    Yes So Long As
    No If

    Idiomatic Expressions
    I get agitated
    He drilled it into me
    He doesn't suffer fools gladly
    I can't be doing with it
    It drives me nuts
    It's worth waiting for

  9. I guess ,overall i 'd say I am a patient person l can't get impatient easily as long as someone holding up a queue in a supermarket because they hava forgotten smth I cannot doing with it and fly off the handle pretty easily

  10. I find the collocations very useful! Thanks for the video. I’ll definitely use it in my classes.

  11. Thank you for this very useful clip. I will try to practice all of your phrases and let them come out in the test

  12. Thank you so much, all it is very useful, thanks for your advice.

  13. Lot of expressions and vocabulary, collocations, !! You just nailed the part 1 simple question. Learnt a lot of things.

  14. Excuse me, does he mean that do not use the phrases he had given at the beginning of the video ????

  15. You are a  superb teacher,sir. Your methods  to  describe different topics are  out of world.

  16. Generally, you meant that we should speak in a natural way. Amazing advice Keith!

  17. Beautiful.. the way to speak is a treat to the ears. More so, the more I see n hear, the more I love it.

  18. Sir, is there any identical ielts test available on any website as i am confused between CBT and PBT?

  19. I bumped into your blog some days ago and liked it very much. Thank you.

  20. My exam will be tomorrow. Good thing I found your video 5days ago. I hope i could make it with flying colors not only in speaking but also in the other tests.