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I think it’s pretty safe to say that as your reading this you’re considering a move (or have already made the move) Down Under.

When we moved to Australia one of the main things that drove us here was the better lifestyle we saw Australia giving our family.

When you think about it though, what is a better lifestyle?

It’s pretty much an all encompassing statement isn’t it?

With this in mind I’d thought I’d attempt to break down ‘a better lifestyle’ into a number of key components and then ask you guys to let me know which of these things drive you to help us all understand the key drivers for moving to Australia.

Is it the just the weather or are you looking for something else?

I had to have a good think about the list and I’m sure there are obvious thing’s I’ve missed out but I think it’s a reasonable list for starters:

Here’s the Poll


If you have the time, please take a few seconds to post a comment to let us know why you feel Australia is the place for you.

Some of the results might be quite surprising.

Cheers guys :)


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    For me better lifestyle means the following; period
    little or no corruption in daily life
    responsible government
    good infrastructure
    free/subsidsed education at least till college
    free/subsidsed health
    equal opportunties for all irrespective of race/color/relegion/political affiliation/gender
    less crime
    freedom to live
    friendly society/people

    Does Australia provide all or at least most of this????
    I want to know….


    I voted for the outdoors lifestyle but actually its more about space; i find living & working in london more and more claustrophobic; im hoping that Oz can offer a good job with more opportunity for space in several areas of my life – house, area where i choose to live not being so densely populated, more recreational space and activities (which kind of links to the weather a bit); while your working its i really feel its important that your non-working hours are packed with the highest quality of life which is bloody hard when your living on top… Read more »


    Yes, I think lifestyle is like a pie. You have to have all slices to make whole. That’s why on the poll I clicked “other” for “all of the above”. If a piece of the pie is missing then a part of your life is missing as well. So for us it’s to give a better future for our kids while we live life more fully: culture, style, sports, nature, hobbies, jobs, housing, food, people, kharma and a political system that acknowldedges that kids are an inherent part of society and part of the political platform (unlike where we’ve been).To… Read more »