When Is An Australian National Police Check Required Australia Visa
When is an Australian National Police Check required Australia Visa

When is an Australian National Police Check Required?

If you are looking to apply for an Australia Visa while spending time in Australia, you may need to apply for am Australia National Police certificate as part of our Australian Visa Application. This article provides details of the circumstances when an Australian National Police check is required.

When is an Australian National Police Check required to support an Australia Visa Application?

Thankfully, the circumstances when an Australian National Police Check is required is relatively straight forward. If you are an Australia visa applicant and you have resided in Australia for a total period of 12 months or more in the last 10 years period (calculated immediately before the time the visa application is lodged, including time held in detention), a National Police Check must be requested. This relates to all applicants 16 years of age or older.

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How To Apply For An Australian National Police Check

You have two options for submitting your application:

  • Online via the afp website here.
  • A downloadable form for manual completion and submission via the post. Emailed applications will not be accepted.

The following requirements must be met when submitting an Australian National Police Check application. Failure to meet the required standards will result in the application not being processed.

  1. All other names by which you are known or have previously been known (such as your maiden name), must be provided in full, including given names. Check that your date of birth is correctly entered.
  2. You can pay using either Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Alternatively, for a manually completed application, you may pay by bank cheque, which must be in Australian dollars or money order obtainable from Australia Post.
  3. Copies of identification documents totalling 100 points.
  4. Parental consent will be required if the applicant is under 18 years of age.
  5. For manually completed applications:
    • You must submit the form no more than three months after signing it.
    • Mark the appropriate checkboxes with a cross (X).
    • Ensure you secure all paperwork, forms, payment, and identification to your application.
    • Ensure all the necessary details have been completed and the form is signed and dated.
    • The application form must be completed using block letters (ie capital/uppercase)
    • Bank cheques and money orders are to be in Australian dollars ($AUD) and are to be made payable to the Australian Federal Police. See here if you need further details of the application process.
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Are you an onshore Australia Visa candidate looking to extend the validity period of a National police clearance certificateClick here for details of the rules that apply if you have a current certificate that you would like to extend.

Are you applying for an Australia Visa? Hows the process going?

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