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Our regular readers will know that as well as dragging the missus, junior and I out to Australia, we also decided to bring our two cats; Charlie and Jeff to Australia to

Many people find the thought of spending literally thousands of £’s on moving two cats abroad a concept that’s difficult to grasp!

I don’t share this view though. At the end of the day they were part of our family (although a bloody big selfish sulky I want my own way part) and I also think that as a responsible pet owner it’s only right that we brought them with us instead of dumping them on another family member who had neither the time or inclination to look after two cats.

So nearly 15 months later, the older of the cats; Jeff has gone missing. No idea where either, the last time we saw him was Monday evening.

We always bring the cats in at night as it’s during this time they represent the greatest risk to Australia’s native wildlife. There’s also the chance that during this time they’re more likely to get into scraps with the rougher ‘outdoor’ cats.

On the rare occasion they don’t come in they’ll always be sat by the patio door first thing in the morning, meowing their displeasure at the fact they had to sleep during the night on this strange foreign object called the floor!

So, Jeff’s been outside for 2 nights now. We’ve had a look around the local streets and can’t find any signs of Jeff as a ‘road traffic victim’ so the only thing we can surmise is the fact that he might be locked in a garage or a garden shed somewhere.

If he doesn’t come home today then we’ll probably need to do a letter drop down the street tonight asking residents to check their garages! This in turn will probably add another day as peoples letter boxes here in Australia or normally located at the bottom of their driveway so seeing a letter on their front doormat before turning in for the night probably won’t happen.

To be honest, we are getting a little worried. He’ll be fine without food for about a week or so but will need water pretty soon if he is locked in somewhere!

He’s also getting on a bit and last time he was at the vets we were told he had a slight heart murmur.

Hopefully, if he is roaming the streets, his collar and the fact that we had to have him micro chipped as part of the process to move him out here will help him find his way home!

Here’s hoping anyway :-(

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    I am very sorry to read that Jeff is missing. We are also having two cats and we plan to take them with us to Perth soon. I really hope that Jeff is fine and will come home soon!! I keep my fingers crossed!
    Regards, San

    heather talbott
    heather talbott

    Oh no. Have you tried ringing the vets and the local radio station?