Wild Flowers at Kings Park – Spring is really here

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Wild Flowers in bloom at Kings Park in PerthWow, well that’s winter out of the way. :) September brings with it the first day of Spring and it certainly seems like spring is well and truly here.

We had a great day at Kings Park yesterday, the sun was shining and the temperatures rose to the early twentys.

Junior had fun playing on all the climbing frames and playing on the park at the synergy Parkland as we chilled out in the Spring sunshine drinking latte’s.

Yep, yesterday was a very tough day indeed and it was nice to get out in the sunshine again!

I’d almost forgotten what a great place Kings park is! It’s been a while since we have been to Kings park and due the missus condition she has avoided going there alone just incase something should happen on the baby front.

I’d heard that the flowers in Kings Park were pretty impressive during the springtime but I hadn’t fully appreciated that they would be out so early.

When we drove into the park we were presented with a mass of corn flowers in various colours. The things were everywhere and looked absolutely great!

Apparently an annual Wildflower festival is run in Kings Park and having now seen the flowers I can see why they celebrate their blooming in such a big way.

Creatively titled ‘the Kings Park Festival‘ as well as having the fantastic flowers to appreciate; there’s a huge number of free family events starting with events for Fathers day (which is today in Australia).

It’s forecast to be a nice and sunny 22 degrees today so we’re going to pop down to the beach with a picnic. Certainly a little different to Fathers day in West Yorkshire last year.

Now I must remember to get my dad a fathers day card for 2008

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