Writing Band 7+ Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step | Examples from IELTS Academic

Writing Band 7+ Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step | Examples from IELTS Academic - Writing Band 7 Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn an easy way to transform any simple IELTS Writing sentence into a complex Band 7+ sentence. Why do complex sentences matter? Because to get Band 7 for your grammar, you must use a variety of complex sentences and other complex grammatical structures. Today I will show you just one way of making any IELTS sentence complex, which works for both IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 and 2.

Writing Band 7+ Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step | Examples from IELTS Academic

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The Best
1 year ago


Aarab sandhu
1 year ago

mam great. Mam where you from???????? plzz tell me .

Angel Bajwa
1 year ago

Its really hlpful.. Thnxx alott

Vijay Saini
1 year ago

M not able to download pdf provided in description link ??? what's the issue ??

1 year ago

Please give me pdf for easy words such as important, easy, Simple etc

Darshan Makaveli Stay Thuggish
1 year ago

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satnam Singh
1 year ago

It is very informative.

abdullah evazi
1 year ago

Thanks Teacher for your nice explanation

benito djokoe
1 year ago

It will be better if you do for the bar chart too.

1 year ago

In task 2
Can we write only one big to explain our whole one idea
And they would only two big sentences in one body paragraph

Is it okay
Or should I have to change in it

Jaspreet Rai
1 year ago

Thx mam

Harpal Guraya
1 year ago

"is this your first time here?"
I am not able to understand what grammar rule is applicable in this sentence.
Please aware me about that

Anastasia Panchenko
1 year ago

This video I really did not like

1 year ago

even the original sentences are improving for me :-O

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