Writing Band 7+ Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step | Examples from IELTS Academic

Writing Band 7+ Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step | Examples from IELTS Academic - Writing Band 7 Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn an easy way to transform any simple IELTS Writing sentence into a complex Band 7+ sentence. Why do complex sentences matter? Because to get Band 7 for your grammar, you must use a variety of complex sentences and other complex grammatical structures. Today I will show you just one way of making any IELTS sentence complex, which works for both IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 and 2.

Writing Band 7+ Complex IELTS Sentences in One Step | Examples from IELTS Academic

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    even the original sentences are improving for me :-O

    Anastasia Panchenko

    This video I really did not like

    Harpal Guraya

    "is this your first time here?"
    I am not able to understand what grammar rule is applicable in this sentence.
    Please aware me about that

    Jaspreet Rai

    Thx mam

    H B

    In task 2
    Can we write only one big to explain our whole one idea
    And they would only two big sentences in one body paragraph

    Is it okay
    Or should I have to change in it

    benito djokoe

    It will be better if you do for the bar chart too.

    abdullah evazi

    Thanks Teacher for your nice explanation

    satnam Singh

    It is very informative.

    Darshan Makaveli Stay Thuggish

    Yo ma'am I'll tell you what I've never actually learned to speak English officially ever i mean by hirin' any tutor or anything like that but still I'd managed to learned an English & it's pretty good I guess hope you catch my drift there, but the people who I've learned an English from are the real MC's & Rappers from westside (G-Funk style) & Eastside (gritty & grimey style) rap music they are the ones who are my real teacher so do you still think that I need to learn English officially from dope teacher & glowing personality like… Read more »


    Please give me pdf for easy words such as important, easy, Simple etc

    Vijay Saini

    M not able to download pdf provided in description link ??? what's the issue ??

    Angel Bajwa

    Its really hlpful.. Thnxx alott

    Aarab sandhu

    mam great. Mam where you from???????? plzz tell me .

    The Best