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Parrots In Australia

These little guys still amaze me.

We went for a trip to Lake Joondalup which is about ten minutes drive from our new house in Kinross.

It’s quite a popular hang out for families and due to the size of the lake, and the fact that it’s now so close to our new house has been one of the places I’ve wanted to see for some time.

When we arrived we got out of the car and something caught my attention.

About 100 yards from the car park we could see a carpet of white birds hanging around under the shade of a tree near one of the barbeque areas and as we approached we realised that we were surrounded by parrots. The little dudes were pretty tame too and were happy to hang around whilst we took a seat to watch.

There was obviously something interesting going on as the little guys chatted away to each other in their own little parrot way and even though I’ve mentioned previously that vocally, parrots can be a little on the loud side; at this more reasonable time of day it was pretty interesting to listen and watch how they interact with each other.

Some of the parrots even seemed happy to lie on their backs whilst playing with little twigs or eating the small pine cones that had fallen off the tree.

Before we came to live in Australia, I think its fair to say that I never really fully appreciated the size of the parrot population but now we are here I can honestly tell you that you will find parrots almost everywhere!.

Even in some parts of the Central Business District it’s not uncommon to find the odd Pink and Grey Galah hanging around in the upper branches of a tree.

Parrots In Australia - A closer image Parrots In Australia - 3 - Australian Parrots in a tree

The little guys in my photos (after a little research) are called Western Corella (please correct me if you’re a little more ornithological then I am) and are one of the more common Parrots that you’ll find in and around the parks and areas of greenery in Western Australia.

The born and bred Aussies don’t even blink an eye when a parrot fly’s overhead. Some parrots like the Rainbow Lorikeet are even classed as Vermin in some parts of Australia due to their extremely healthy appetite for fruit.

Me? I think they’re just great!

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