Yup – I’ve still got a job!

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employment and redundancyHi Guys. Following my last post I thought I’d better write a very brief update to let you know that I’ve still got a job.

We offer a subscription service here at getting down under (see the link at the bottom of this post) which enables visitors to our site to receive the latest news and updates via email. I had quite a few of our subscribers email me in response to our last email wishing me all the best. To those people I thank you for all of your good wishes and crossed fingers; it obviously worked!

In slightly sadder news, Out of a department of about 30 people, all but two of us were either made redundant (including a third of my own team) or had their roles relocated to Sydney (a transition that will take between 3 and 12 months). To say I feel very much like one of the lucky ones is somewhat of an understatement although it was never going to be good news.

My reporting line has changed (so I report into a separate business division) but I live to fight another day at least. Phew!!

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    Lee Fulcher
    Lee Fulcher

    Hey, soo ive been thinking of moving to austrailia recently, i got uncle, aunty and cousins over there, and the aussie life is looking appeal to me. I am 21, got a decent safe secure job (considering all that is happening) but im just bored of the english lifestyle, the country just seems to be going from bad worse, the weather is rubbish, n its such a depressing country at the mo, i want to travel!! Ive googled to find some reviews n info, found this site now, n read as many posts as pos, they r really helpful!! So… Read more »

    Joan O' Sullivan
    Joan O' Sullivan

    Dear mark i was waiting to hear how you got on before i replied,i didn’t know what to say to you when i saw that you could lose your job. Yes it is great news that you were one of the lucky ones but so sad for all the rest and for all the people all over the world at the moment. My husband and I are waiting to here if we are one of the lucky ones who applied for a visa to Australia,we applied last August and everything was going well until all this happened.I guess all we… Read more »