Top 5 IELTS Speaking Grammar Mistakes: and How to Fix Them | Keith’s Grammar Guides

Top 5 Ielts Speaking Grammar Mistakes: And How To Fix Them | Keith'S Grammar Guides - Ielts Speaking Videos - May 2024

In this video, I am going to show you the 5 most common grammar mistakes students make in IELTS Speaking and explain why they are important and show you how to fix them.

Topics covered:

00:03:20 Mistake #1
00:10:55 Mistake #2
00:16:30 Mistake #3
00:23:06 Mistake #4
00:29:05 Mistake #5

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14 thoughts on “Top 5 IELTS Speaking Grammar Mistakes: and How to Fix Them | Keith’s Grammar Guides

  1. BDP says:

    @UCiVm8XcbwS8-pcDEa5lFXIA, I create some real ARTICLES about my life and then send you. You must read over and correct if there would be a mistake.

  2. BDP says:

    I wanna explain my English journey from the starting point to the moment where I am now. I had a friend who lived at my home for about 2 years, he was from the U.S.A. but even though he was a native-English speaker, he knew my language pretty well. The purpose of his living at my home was that he was from an English speaking country. I told him that I wanted to learn the language profoundly in other words, fluently and I did my best to attain the goal, he agreed with me and told me that he did his best to taught me English as well as possible. We made a schedule for English classes, that was pretty convenient for both, we allocated classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, we set alarm and began our long journey to the language. I learned English two hours a day and also I had a conversation with my teacher while we were eating food because I thought that English speaking practice was so important to become a fluent English speaker.

  3. jas doad says:

    Frankly i am punjabi and I know hindi too English is third language in India but speaking about fluent English i sometimes feel offended because a if an American can’t speak fluent hindi why we are expected to speak fluent English?????????? Language is language if anyone is understanding what we are saying purpose is full filled… and by the way “ karma” “divine” and so many of English words are taken from Sanskrit even English itself is not original language it just taking words from franch and many more languages nd then they testing us for language which itself is supplement of other languages.

  4. 黄文恺 says:

    Thank you sir, finally I got band 7 and ur techniques are truly useful. In the future probably I will recommend ur video to my friends who are going to take ielts.

  5. Faranak Fayeghi says:

    thanks for your helpful tips. for the first one I have a question. when I say (I hope all of these helps you) . Is this correct or not ? because I think subject is plural and I use the verb in a third single tense.

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