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I Know The Australian Migration Process Seems Daunting So Let Me Be Your Guide

Hi My Name Is Mark Emigrate To Australia

I’m your host here at Getting Down Under. I know the prospect of a new life in Australia is an exciting one. I also appreciate that the steps associated with Immigration to Australia can appear quite confusing and daunting! Why? Because I made the move myself and obtained my Australian Visa with my family over 10 years ago.

Was the move to Australia worth it?

Damn Right, It Was!!!

Starting all the way back in 2006, I commenced the journey to obtain my own Australia Visa, travelling from the UK to Perth, Western Australia. In fact, this is how Getting Down Under was born as I blogged about the journey along the way. You can read my first few blog entries below.

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How Can We Help You Secure Your Australia Visa?

For over 14 years our proposition has been a simple one. We’re here to act as your free support network while you’re going through the process of Immigration to Australia. Whether you are using the services of a registered migration agent or doing it yourself, we want to make the process of obtaining your Australia Visa as smooth as possible.

Australian Migration legislation changes all the time.
We keep an eye on recent changes and post timely, easy to digest updates so you can adapt your approach to obtaining your Australian Visa accordingly.

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As a member of our community, you’ll have full, free access to the hundreds of Sponsored Australian jobs we post each month. These are Jobs in Australia where employers will sponsor applicants to move down under! Subscribe for Job Alerts and be notified by email the moment we post a job that matches your criteria.

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Australia 482 Visa Sponsored Job Opportunity Drivers Licence (C Class essential, truck licence preferred). Current Police Clearance (obtained within the past 12 months). High …

Mental Health Registered Nurse

Job description: Position Title: Mental Health Registered Nurse Employment Type: Permanent/Maximum Term Full Time/Part Time Hours per week: Up to 38 hours …

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Looking For An Australia Visa? Need To Chat? Our Online Community Is Here To Help

So you are looking to get your Australia Visa? The most important thing to remember through this process is that you are not the only person looking to emigrate to Australia. Though I’ve made the move to Australia and have a lot to share, there are also many others going through the process of Immigration to Australia. They are all on the same journey as you right now. Have a question? Post in our forums and we’ll be happy to help.

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I Can’t Wait To Meet You!

I look forward to meeting you and helping contribute where I can towards your goal of obtaining an Australian Visa. Choosing to commence the Australia migration process is a big decision, but the most amazing new life awaits you down under.

See you soon!

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