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  • Australia De Facto Visa Requirements

    Australian De Facto Visa Tips To Prove Your Relationship

    The Australian De Facto Visa is a popular visa for those overseas candidates who are in a de facto relationship with an Australian Citizen or permanent resident. To qualify for an Australian de facto visa, you need to provide evidence that you are in a ‘real’ relationship and not simply using the de facto status as […] More

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    Australian Visa Costs From 1st July 2017

    The 2017-18 Federal Budget saw several changes announced to the immigration programme which will affect the cost of visa applications from 1 July. Additionally, information has also been provided regarding the changes forecasted to the training benchmark, which will affect 457 and 186 applications, and their sponsors, from March 2018. Increase to Australian Visa Application Charges […] More

  • 2017 – 2018 Skilled Migration Intake Announced

    Today, Treasurer Scott Morrison announced his annual budget to Parliament which included a couple of items of interest to people looking to emigrate to Australia. An annual foreign worker levy of $1,200 to $1,800 per annum will be applied to employers of temporary foreign workers, whereas employers of permanent skilled workers will be levied a […] More

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    How long to get an Australian Visa

    What Are My Chances Of Getting An Australian Visa

    So you’ve got an occupation on one of the Australian Skilled Occupations Lists. You have registered an Expression Of Interest (EOI) with Skillselect and you’re now left waiting to see if you’ll get that sought after an invitation to apply for an Australian Visa. As a skilled migrant, you’re probably already familiar with the Australian points test […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Eleven Tips to Help You Safely Transport Your Pet to Australia

    If you are thinking of moving your pet to Australia, the most important fact that you need to remember is that the entire procedure can be an expensive one and requires that you navigate through a few controls and restrictions. This article provides 11 steps which guide you through the various stages involved in moving your pet to Australia and, hopefully, save you time, hassle and money. More

  • 457 to PR - Options after March 2018

    Existing 457 Visa holders – Can I Still Get PR?

    It’s fair to say, the recent announcement that the current 457 Visa system will be scrapped, has caused some concern and angst for 457 Visa holders hoping to gain Permanent Residency (PR) at the end of the 457 Period. We’ve had various comments in response to our recent articles including questions along the lines of […] More

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    Australian Occupations List

    Australian Occupations List

    One of the most, if not THE most important criteria you need to possess to qualify for an Australian visa is having a job considered ‘in demand’. These occupations are flagged within a number of Australian Occupations Lists published every 6 – 12 months by the Australian government. Australian Occupations Lists There are two main occupations lists […] More

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    australia migration planned changes

    Planned Australia Visa Changes – April 2017 – March 2018

    So it’s been a big week as far as Australian Immigration news is concerned and we’ve had quite a few questions posted on our forums and in the article comments in relation to when certain changes will come into effect. With this in mind and with input from one of the recently published fact sheets, we […] More

  • TSS Visa - Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

    TSS – Temporary Skill Shortage Visa – How It Works

    The Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa is the name of the visa which (as of today) replaces the now defunct Australian 457 Visa. As we announced yesterday, the Turnball government has chosen to axe the old 457 Visa scheme citing abuse of the scheme by Australian businesses. Ultimately, the view from the Australian Government is that […] More

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