How best to prepare for IELTS Speaking – 10 awesome tips!

How Best To Prepare For Ielts Speaking - 10 Awesome Tips! - Ielts Speaking Videos - May 2024

In this video, I am going to tell you 10 awesome things that you must, well, should be doing if you are preparing for the IELTS Speaking test in the coming months.

Today, I’d like to give these tips and ideas about how to best prepare for IELTS Speaking .

Topics covered in this video:

00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:36 Tip 1 – Do a mock test
00:03:09 Tip 2 – Make a realistic plan
00:07:43 Tip 3 – Get good resources
00:10:00 Tip 4 – Know test format
00:11:59 Tip 5 – Speak lots
00:13:16 Tip 6 – Get feedback
00:14:20 Tip 7 – Record yourself
00:16:40 Tip 8 – Activate vocabulary
00:18:31 Tip 9 – Immerse yourself in authentic English
00:21:34 Tip 10 – Do practice tests (under exam conditions)

Do you have your own IELTS Speaking Tips?

If you found the How best to prepare for IELTS Speaking – 10 awesome tips! video useful and have your own tips to share, please use the comments below. Similarly, if you have any questions. Please share these below. As a community, we can help each other to learn together.

26 thoughts on “How best to prepare for IELTS Speaking – 10 awesome tips!

  1. yakup cebecik says:

    Hello Keith. First of all, thank you for your great help. I took my IELTS last weekend and I got an overall 7 which is enough for me. Please keep sending new videos. Because I know that lots of people looking forward to seeing your videos.

    Now I will mention my real exam questions:

    Part 1
    -study or work?
    -do you love your job? Why?
    -are you good at buying gifts? why?

    Part 2
    -describe a mistake that you learned from it.

    Part 3
    -how parents behave to their children when the children make mistakes?
    -how employers behave to their employees when workers make mistakes?

    Good luck everybody.

  2. Інна Конюк says:

    Hello. Just wanted to say big thank you for your videos. I got 8.0 in the speaking part . Your videos really helped me to get this result. And the actual topic in part 2 was the one you tackled in one of your videos: describe the time when you were surprised to meet a friend.

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