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Documentary series following British expats as they embark on new lives in Australia. Poms in Paradise was originally aired back in 2012 however many of the topics covered are still relevant today – When watching Poms in paradise – just remember that some of the values referenced (eg house prices) will be quite different today.

Poms in Paradise S02E10

Poms In Paradise S02E10 - Poms In Paradise - May 2024

The final round-up of ARTICLES featuring expats now living in Australia. Claire from Padstow experiences all the ups and downs of running a small business in Bondi Beach, Tim from Cleethorpes has found his dream job Down Under and animal-lover Gary, who originally hails from Cumbria, rescues a baby ringtail possum. Last in the series. […]

Poms in Paradise S02E06

Poms In Paradise S02E06 - Poms In Paradise - May 2024

Expats in Sydney celebrate an Australian-style Christmas complete with sunshine, barbecues and beaches. The festive period can be a strange experience for British people accustomed to cold weather, roast dinners and open fires, and is often the time of year they miss their loved ones back home the most. Poms in Paradise S02E06

Poms in Paradise S01E01

Poms In Paradise S01E01 - Poms In Paradise - May 2024

Of the estimated six million Britons who live abroad, almost a quarter settle in Australia. This documentary follows those who have made their home in the popular tourist destination of Gold Coast in Queensland, beginning with a champion lifesaver, a plant specialist and a woman seeking a holiday lifestyle. Poms in Paradise S01E01