We Went on a Tasmania Road Trip | The Hidden Gem of Australia!

We Went On A Tasmania Road Trip | The Hidden Gem Of Australia! - Tasmania Video Guides - April 2024

Welcome to the newest video in our Australian Video series where we look to provide you with guided insight into the lovely Australian State of Tasmania.

Thanks to Expedia for partnering with us on this video and making our Tasmania road trip series possible.

Jess needed to head back to Australia to have her 12 week Ultrasound so as we awaited the results we had a bit of time to spare so we decided to finally head out to Tasmania, the little island off the coast of Australia.

First up we flew into Launceston to pick up our car rental and hit the road as we made our way towards Cradle Mountain National Park.

There we checked into Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge:

Our time in Cradle Mountain included heading into the national park, having warm fires and hot chocolates as well as heading into the Tasmanian Devil reserve.

We hope you enjoyed this video titled We Went on a Tasmania Road Trip | The Hidden Gem of Australia!. Though our video guides are designed to provide further awareness into what it might be like to live in the state of Tasmania, we’re hopeful that this video will also help you to choose places to visit (or even call home) when living in Australia.

Have you visited Tasmania before?

Have you visited the location featured in our video before? What did you think? Would you go back? Could you live there?

We’d love to hear your views so please share these in our comments below.

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  1. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.
    My wife and I were upgraded to the King Billy Suite (the one on the far left of the aerial shot) a few years back and were blown away by how amazing it was. A nice touch after proposing earlier in the day on a secluded beach on Dove Lake. A truly magical and amazing place. Did you have the possums visit you in the hot tub at night?
    Your channel is so refreshing, and a pleasure to watch.

  2. I just want to complement you on your way to light a fire! I grew up in the woods near the mountains in Sweden and you did it according to textbook! And Tasmania looks amazing. I think this and the Iceland videos are my favorite so far

  3. Thank you for doing my home state justice, your camera work captures it beautifully! I live down south past Hobart, but ventured to Cradle Mountain earlier in the year (we got snowed on at Dove Lake too). I couldn't believe it was real, more people need to get out and explore Tasmania (I feel so lucky to live here)!

  4. I take tassie for granted and watching these videos make me realise how much of a special place tassie is and how I need to appreciate it more. Good to see you guys enjoyed your stay here and had a great time

  5. Our tasmania is beautiful not touched and yup its 4 seasons in one day winter summer spring autumn :) it definitely snows at any time of year in certain places . Cradle mountain is beautiful place to explore so glad you guys enjoyed it

  6. Welcome back to Australia everybody :) it always feels so good to explore your own backyard! Where is your favourite spot to travel in your country? Would love some local guide recommendations!