IELTS Speaking Part 2: How to start your talk

IELTS Speaking Part 2: How to start your talk - IELTS Speaking Part 2 How to start your talk - Getting Down Under IELTS, ielts listening, ielts speaking, ielts writing, IELTS-Test

Learn the best way to start your IELTS speaking talk for band scores 6 and above.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: How to start your talk

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afaq zia
1 year ago


Aakash Madhav
1 year ago

May I use slangs

Faisal Islam
1 year ago

U r the best

Bashir Malik
1 year ago

Marvelous teaching style, realy very comprehensive

wake up
1 year ago

Thank you

Monika Girdhar
1 year ago

Can we use don't instead of do not in exam

Ibraheem Johani
1 year ago

Hi liz,
Can I talk about more than one book ??

Amirul Islam
1 year ago

Its really good for learning.

jumoke bakare
1 year ago

i love her so much

Mono Chowdhury
1 year ago

Great one. thanks

Rahim Ahmed
1 year ago

I interested to watch your videos.

surendra pant
1 year ago

very helpful to learn and i love the way of your teaching …. thnx Liz

Augustus Chinemerem Opara
1 year ago

My name's Augustus Opara
I am a Registered nurse from Nigeria. How do I go about preparing for IELTS.
Thanks so much
Your lessons are very easy to understand.

Rita Emery
1 year ago

Thank you

1 year ago

You should complete your examples to the end , such as people who don't like reading and have no idea , how to deal with it

Omar Ali
1 year ago

Very interesting lesson is this

Thanks for your generous efforts

Harwinder Sidhu
1 year ago

Mam I have Problem in writing task 1 how I can improve my writing plz give me some tips

Gayan Alagalla
1 year ago

You are a great teacher LIZ…Thanks for your useful videos…!!!

ankita Sharma
1 year ago

Can we use gonna / wanna / hafta….in case of ielts speaking.???

Child Of God
1 year ago

Just curious,why do u also wear black shirt ?

Hena Jacob
1 year ago

Help me out in writing

Mudasir Hussain
1 year ago

hello mam, greeting from Pakistan , hoping that you will be doing good. Mam as i am an engineering student and i am not so familiar with general books , can i talk about engineering book ???????????????

Lokendra Singh Solanki
1 year ago

Hey Liz, can I use 'lately' instead of recently?

Vy Huỳnh
1 year ago

is it ok for me to describe my text book like: "I'm going to tell you about an interesting text book that i spent the whole last week reading" since when coming to those cards, the only book that i can think of is my statistic book at school

Khyber Jan
1 year ago

I’m examiner at Hungary Budapest, registered with the IDP and I’m sorry to be different with you, using the first phrase is awkward because examiner already know that your going to talk about…

The Doctor
1 year ago

truly you are a Good teacher.

Aman Khan
1 year ago

If I don't read books then how do I go about answering this question

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