IELTS Speaking Part 2: How to start your talk

Ielts Speaking Part 2: How To Start Your Talk - Ielts Preparation Videos - July 2022

Learn the best way to start your IELTS speaking talk for band scores 6 and above.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: How to start your talk

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  1. I’m examiner at Hungary Budapest, registered with the IDP and I’m sorry to be different with you, using the first phrase is awkward because examiner already know that your going to talk about…

  2. is it ok for me to describe my text book like: "I'm going to tell you about an interesting text book that i spent the whole last week reading" since when coming to those cards, the only book that i can think of is my statistic book at school

  3. hello mam, greeting from Pakistan , hoping that you will be doing good. Mam as i am an engineering student and i am not so familiar with general books , can i talk about engineering book ???????????????

  4. Mam I have Problem in writing task 1 how I can improve my writing plz give me some tips

  5. You should complete your examples to the end , such as people who don't like reading and have no idea , how to deal with it

  6. Hello
    My name's Augustus Opara
    I am a Registered nurse from Nigeria. How do I go about preparing for IELTS.
    Thanks so much
    Your lessons are very easy to understand.