• Australians Are Happy

    Australians More Happy With Their Lives

    More Australians are content with their lives than the OECD average, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Better Life Index. Australians more satisfied with their lives according to Better life Index More Australians are content with their lives than the OECD average, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development […] More

  • Australia Familiy Migration Visa

    Australian Family Visa Scheme

    We’ve already written an article providing an overview of the Australian Skilled Migration Visa Categories. This time we’ll provide you with an overview of the Australian Visa types relating to Family Migration. Applicants applying under one of the family related visa classes are selected on the basis of the family relationship to a sponsor in Australia. These […] More

  • Poms In Paradise

    Britain Vs Australia – Are Brits Better Off Down Under?

    Australia is the country of choice for many Brits looking to emigrate abroad but does it really make them better off? This infographic digs into the detail Are you considering a move down under? Do any of these statistics put you off? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below. More

  • Flagged Jobs On The Sol

    The Australian Skilled Migration stream

    The large array of Australian visa options can be a little intimidating for some. With this in mind we thought we’d write a couple of articles to provide an overview of the main Australian visa categories. When emigrating to Australia, Migrants apply under one of three main streams; the skilled migration scheme, the Australian Family […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Cost Of Living In Australia On The Up

    We’ve written before about the rising costs in cities across Australia and a recent measure of global cost of living report has confirmed that many of Australia’s capital cities are now some of the most expensive cities around the world! Due to the recent increases in rent and cost of living expenses, Perth and Darwin […] More

  • Medicare

    Medicare – An Overview Of Australias National Healthcare Service

     Depending on your home country’s agreement with Australia, and your visa status, you may be entitled to Australia’s national healthcare service, more commonly known as Medicare. Those on permanent visas are entitled to the same Medicare benefits as Australian citizens. Within Australia, Medicare usually covers: Free or subsidised treatment by health professionals such as doctors, […] More

  • Made The Move To Australia

    Smoking In Australia

    Generally I think it’s fair to say that looking from the outside, in, Australians are considered a fairly healthy bunch of people.  It’s not all about the toned surfers and gym freaks though. There’s still an unhealthy side to Aussie life. If you’re a smoker considering a move to Australia then you might be interested […] More

  • Sponsored Job Australia

    Australia State And Territory Nomination

    Since 1 July 2012, SkillSelect is the only way you can be nominated by a state or territory government for skilled migration. Since May 2013, state and territory governments across Australia have nominated almost 20 000 intending migrants and more than 10000 of those have been granted a visa. SkillSelect provides an effective way for […] More

  • Work Experience Requirements Tss Visa

    Australian Skills Assessments – Do you have what it takes?

    Australia is the only country in the world that has a pre-migration skills assessment scheme with the aim being to help you find out if you have the necessary skills and qualifications to work in your nominated occupation once you arrive in Australia. The skills assessment scheme has achieved encouraging results for skilled migrants in […] More

  • Australia Work Visa - How To Apply For An Australia Work Visa

    Australia Work Visa – An Overview

    Australia Work Visa is one of the more common search terms used by visitors to getting down under HQ. With this in mind and in an effort to provide a slightly more succinct answer for those seeking information on the Australian Work Visa, we thought we’d pull together this article If you want to apply […] More

  • 457 Visa - A Guide To The Australian 457 Program - Thinking About It - October 2021

    457 Visa – A Guide To The Australian 457 Program

    As the 457 visa is the most commonly used program for Australian or overseas employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers to work in Australia temporarily, we thought it would be useful to provide an overview of this popular visa class. The full title of this subclass of visa is Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard […] More

  • Education In Australia Is Going To Be A Key Consideration For Those Looking To Make The Move Down Under

    Education In Austraia – An Overview

    It doesn’t seem two minutes since our little girl was born, but here we are four years later and yesterday, junior number two started her first day at Kindy! Education in Australia is going to be a key consideration for those looking to make the move down under so with this in mind, we’ll be posting […] More

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