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  • Job On The Australian SOL - What Next?

    My Job Is On The Australian SOL. What Next?

    Around about one week ago we announced that the 2016 – 2017 Australian Skilled Occupations List (SOL) had been announced. Since writing this article we’ve been picked up by a few online news organisations and as a result over 60,000 people have viewed the article! Together with these visitors, we’ve also had a heap of […] More

  • australians are happy

    Australians More Happy With Their Lives

    More Australians are content with their lives than the OECD average, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Better Life Index. Australians more satisfied with their lives according to Better life Index More Australians are content with their lives than the OECD average, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development […] More

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  • australia familiy migration visa

    Australian Family Visa Scheme

    We’ve already written an article providing an overview of the Australian Skilled Migration Visa Categories. This time we’ll provide you with an overview of the Australian Visa types relating to Family Migration. Applicants applying under one of the family related visa classes are selected on the basis of the family relationship to a sponsor in Australia. These […] More

  • flagged jobs on the SOL

    The Australian Skilled Migration stream

    The large array of Australian visa options can be a little intimidating for some. With this in mind we thought we’d write a couple of articles to provide an overview of the main Australian visa categories. When emigrating to Australia, Migrants apply under one of three main streams; the skilled migration scheme, the Australian Family […] More

  • Medicare

    Medicare – An Overview Of Australias National Healthcare Service

     Depending on your home country’s agreement with Australia, and your visa status, you may be entitled to Australia’s national healthcare service, more commonly known as Medicare. Those on permanent visas are entitled to the same Medicare benefits as Australian citizens. Within Australia, Medicare usually covers: Free or subsidised treatment by health professionals such as doctors, […] More

  • made the move to australia

    Smoking In Australia

    Generally I think it’s fair to say that looking from the outside, in, Australians are considered a fairly healthy bunch of people.  It’s not all about the toned surfers and gym freaks though. There’s still an unhealthy side to Aussie life. If you’re a smoker considering a move to Australia then you might be interested […] More

  • Australian Skilled Migration Applications Surge In Attempt To Avoid Skillselect

    Australian Skills Assessments – Do you have what it takes?

    Australia is the only country in the world that has a pre-migration skills assessment scheme with the aim being to help you find out if you have the necessary skills and qualifications to work in your nominated occupation once you arrive in Australia. The skills assessment scheme has achieved encouraging results for skilled migrants in […] More