Ielts Writing Task 2 | What Is Your Opinion Essay With Jay! - Ielts Preparation Videos - May 2024

In this class, Jay will show you how to write a high scoring OPINION essay sentence by sentence. This is a POWERFUL way to achieve high IELTS band scores for both IELTS General and IELTS Academic!


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34 thoughts on “IELTS Writing Task 2 | WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ESSAY with Jay!

  1. Andre Rodrigues says:

    Hi Jay, just wanted to say thank you to you guys. The only preperation I did for my IELTS, were based on your vdoes, and I manged to get an overall score of 8, with a 7.5 in Speaking and Writing, with a 8 in Reading and a 9 in Listening. This was my first attempt, and right now I couldn't be happier with my results.

    Thank you once again.

  2. Oluborode Damie says:

    It is undeniable that artificially intelligent robots are gradually replacing humans in the workforce. Although the possibilities of robots taking over unskilled jobs are high, it is unlikely that jobs that require human contact will be replaced. This essay will discuss why a number of positions that would rely on humans rather than machines.

    Robots may eventually replace all human labour that requires less effort. Many employers will turn to artificial intelligence because it offers speed, safety, consistency, and perfection. Moreover, it is less expensive as compared to hiring and training employees. In supermarkets in Australia, for example, cashiers have been replaced by automation station that cost far less than employees. In addition, these automated stations work around the clock and require no holidays or paydays. For these reasons, menial jobs will be replaced by robots in the future.

    On the other hand, there are some jobs that cannot be replaced by robots. Put simply, jobs that require human expertise. These jobs include psychology, education, medicine, and social work to name a few. Robots will never be able to achieve what has taken evolution hundreds to thousands of years to achieve.

    It is likely robots will eventually replace some human jobs. This is due to the fact that artificially intelligent robots guarantee fast delivery and perfection of services. However, some jobs still stand a chance of not going into imminent extinction because they typically require human intelligence and cannot be overshadowed by robots.

  3. jahangir m. says:

    Hi Jay, quick question – you write in opinion essays „this essay will discuss/argue…“ however there are many sources stating that you should make your opinion stand out with phrases such as „in my opinion/I believe…“ etc how true is this? Will points be deducted or not given for not using „in my opinion“ ?

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